Event #3357: Dec 31st, 2020

2020 NASA Mid South T-Shirt

Event Information

Date: Dec 31st, 2020

Track Name: Memphis International Raceway

Configuration: Full Course

Direction: CW

Thumb nasa logo with mid south region in black

Our 2020 Mid South Regional T-Shirt is Available!

Thanks to the design work of Brandon Melton and the inspiration from Andy Prescott

Simply add a T-Shirt to your cart and pick a size.  We will deliver your shirt to the next track event.

Click the link to preview the design: https://imgur.com/Gu0cHDI
For any questions, email Pam at midsouth@drivenasa.com

Thank you for supporting the Mid South region and visit our website:  http://nasamidsouth.com/

Registration is closed for this event!