Entry List for #3761: Oct 8th - 9th, 2022

Incredible 2.52-mile road course featuring 12 turns on a hilly course with 160' of elevation change!

Entry List

Sonoma Raceway

DriverRegionClassCarCar #Tx #
2S1984: Moorewood Creative / ALD Group, Inc. #73California - Northern RegionSuper Touring 5BMW E46739595148
2S1984: Moorewood Creative / ALD Group, Inc. #73California - Northern RegionTT5BMW E46739595148
Bill Brown MDCalifornia - Northern RegionSpec MiataMazda Miata671761049
Bill Brown MDCalifornia - Northern RegionTT5Mazda Miata671761049
Bill Brown MDCalifornia - Northern RegionSuper Touring 5Mazda Miata671761049
Bill Brown MDCalifornia - Northern RegionSuper Touring 5Mazda Miata671761049
Jon BurgisCalifornia - Northern RegionSuper Touring 4BMW M3458356804
Steven FerrarioCalifornia - Northern RegionSpec E46BMW Spec e46932737121
RJ FleischmannCalifornia - Northern RegionTTUChevrolet Corvette44
David GallagherCalifornia - Northern RegionTTUBMW M3005288641
2S30: Performance In-Frame TuningCalifornia - Northern RegionTT5Mazda MX-647165099
Robert HaynesCalifornia - Northern RegionTT3Nissan 350Z097190729
Daniel HaywardCalifornia - Northern RegionSpec E30BMW 325is568577982
Mark KibortCalifornia - Northern RegionSuper Touring 2Porsche 928S190934949
Zak LanceCalifornia - Northern RegionTT5BMW 33078224904
Richard LucquetCalifornia - Northern RegionSpec MiataMAZDA MIATA631702446
Casey MashoreCalifornia - Northern RegionSpec E46BMW 330ci6152228545
Ian McCloghrieCalifornia - Northern RegionSuper Touring 4BMW M32561129342
Alexander MeloneCalifornia - Northern RegionSuper Touring 5BMW 328is9245738700
Larry MooreCalifornia - Northern RegionTT5BMW E4672X0407603
Larry MooreCalifornia - Northern RegionSuper Touring 5BMW E4672X0407603
James PaulCalifornia - Northern RegionSuper UnlimitedElan RSR220087229
Greg PaulCalifornia - Northern RegionTTURadical SR102813128360
James PaulCalifornia - Northern RegionTTUElan RSR220087229
Wilson PowellCalifornia - Northern RegionSuper Touring 4BMW E3647
2S2201: MicroPDMCalifornia - Northern RegionSpec E46BMW 330Ci644904199
William RobertsonCalifornia - Northern RegionTT6Porsche 992 GT3 Cup33
Alexandra SabadosRocky Mountain RegionGTS4Porsche RSR1411611338
Kyle SagerCalifornia - Northern RegionSpec MiataMazda Miata9838832
Tony SeneseCalifornia - Northern RegionSpec Miatamazda miata511670550
Joseph SestoCalifornia - Northern RegionTT5BMW 325is001679527
Sat SinghCalifornia - Northern RegionTTUBMW M3126076943
David StandridgeCalifornia - Northern RegionThunderRoadster GTRThunder Roadster GTR838680809
Nick ThiemannCalifornia - Northern RegionSpec E30BMW 325i214712330
Alex WelchRocky Mountain RegionGTSUAudi R8270868942
Jim WilliamsCalifornia - Northern RegionTTUVc Lm25040896
2S743: Team 99 Winne Racing (S)California - Northern RegionSpec E46BMW 330ci996956733
Thomas Woehrle 18-0240California - Northern RegionMastersLegends Ford Sedan712372059
Anthony ZwainCalifornia - Northern RegionSuper Touring 4BMW M3380503438
Anthony ZwainCalifornia - Northern RegionTT3BMW M3380503438