Event #2521: Nov 4th - 5th, 2017

Season Points Finale @ Heartland Park

Event Information

Date: Nov 4th - 5th, 2017

Track Name: Heartland Park Topeka


Direction: Counter Clockwise

Event Details - Heartland Park Topeka

Track Information:
  • Track Website:           
  • Fuel                             
  • Gate Hours                 Open - 5PM Friday-Sunday
  • Tire Services             Solo Performance Specialties 

Session Information:**

  • Please review Supplemental Regulationsespecially if you're new to NASA or haven't driven in a while. This is where we will often refer you.
  • Please print/complete HPDE Tech Form below and bring it with you to the track. Inspect all items on sheet and have prepared for track inspector.
  • Having your car track ready is your responsibility.

  • HyperDrive  - This is an introductory, (1) 20 minute track session for those interested in driving on a track.  We will use a classroom setup and a lead/follow system on track to help you become a safe and competent driver.  Following the sessions will be a download session to discuss the event. This is intended for those new to the sport although intermediate drivers may also participate.  You do not have to be a NASA member to participate in the HyperDrive.  If you have any questions, please reach out to Joe Mossie.
  • HPDE 1 - This is where you need to be if you are new driver.  HPDE includes (4) 20 minute sessions. All HPDE 1 students will be automatically assigned an instructor for the weekend.  This includes required download sessions following each event.  Please print HPDE tech form below and bring it with you to the track.
  • HPDE 2 - For drivers that have been signed off to drive on their own, but just want more time with the novice group. Groups 1 and 2 run together.  The only difference is that Group 2 has no instructor assignment.
  • HPDE 3 – Groups 3 and 4 also run together, typically arranged by fastest vehicle.  Saturday will work up to additional passing by the end of the day. Sunday will be a continuation, starting with limited passing in the first session and then adding more passing zones and picking up the pace as the group leader feels appropriate.
  • HPDE 4 - Open passing, still monitored by group leader.
  • Time Trials (TT) - TT license is required to register. All TT participants must have a transponder and display proper NASA decals.
  • Race Groups - Number and composition of race groups determined based on entries.  All racing rules apply.
  • Competition School – Comp School utilized based on interest.  Designed for students who are ready to enter the realm of wheel to wheel racing.
      **Be aware that groups will sell out and pricing is increased the week (Monday) before the event and the day of the event.


  • NASA certified instructors, please be sure to have your instructor logbook at the track.
  • Not yet an instructor and want to be? Instructed with other groups but not NASA? Please contact Matt Rivard to discuss becoming a certified NASA instructor. 

Transponder Rental 
Please remember to return your transponder before you leave the track. A charge of $400 will be issued to your card on file if the transponder is destroyed, never returned, or lost. Weak signal is a common problem with poor placement and can result in sporadic timing results. Please ensure a clear signal to the track when choosing a mounting location. 

Annual Tech/New logbook 
Inspections can be done at the track, on a first come first serve basis. To help prevent delays and loss of track time you are encouraged to have the inspection done prior to the event by visiting one of our NASA approved tech shops. Click for a list of approved shops. 

Registration is closed for this event!