Event #2973: Jan 12th - 13th, 2019

Event Information

Date: Jan 12th - 13th, 2019

Track Name: Arizona Motorsports Park

Configuration: 2.25 Mile Road Course

Direction: CW

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Registration Options / Descriptions: 

Please read instructions below regarding guests/crew before registering! 

AMP has a sound limit of 96 dB.  All cars that do not have an AMP Certification sticker will be sound tested the morning of the event.  If you car fails the sound testing you will be issued a promo code for the price of your registration (less a $20 processing fee) to use toward a 2019 NASA AZ event.  

Track Layout = 2.23 mile Main Track

  • Saturday - Clockwise
  • Sunday - Counter Clockwise

Priority Check In:  We ask that if you plan on leaving any cars, trailers, equipment, etc. on either Fri or Sat night that you select this option to help pay for the overnight security.

CREW CREDENTIALS: AMP only allows 200 people onsite so a limited number of guests/crew are allowed at our event.  You can bring up to two additional crew/guest by purchasing a credential.  Each crew credential is $20.  This fee will include a ride along(passenger) wristband.  When registering please include their name in the comments section.  If your guest/crew member has a current NASA membership they do not have to have to pay or register for the crew credential.  Instead please enter their name in the comments section when you register and they will be added to the gate list.  If you have any questions you can email adina@nasaaz.com  

HPDE1 (Beginner) - Classroom + 1x1 instructor passing only on main straights  

HPDE2 (Novice) - Similar/same to HPDE1 but no instructor required 

HPDE3 (Intermediate) - Passing limited 

HPDE4 (Advanced) - Open passing with courtesy 

Time Attack (BOTH DAYS) @ $25 - This will provide competitors (in HPDE3 or above) with a transponder rental and a near open track for 2 hot laps. Only the fastest lap counts. NOTE: Must be combined with HPDE3, HPDE4, TT or Race Group.

Time Attack (BOTH DAYS) @ $20 - Same as above but this is for entrants who do not need a transponder to run in the TA. (For HPDE3 drivers and above)

Time Trial - Drivers compete for fastest lap time. NOTE: The number of sessions that will be split between "Big Bore" and "Small Bore" will be dependent on the number of pre-registrations and size of the track.  This group also requires either a NASA Time Trial or Competition License to compete. 

RACE -  *Wheel to wheel* racing. Requires a NASA Competition (or Provisional) Racing License and current NASA medical examination. NOTE: 'Big Bore' and 'Small Bore' split groups will be dependent on the number of pre-registrations and the size of the track.  

SupersizeTT - For Race Group drivers looking to also compete in Time Trial. NOTE: This option is ONLY good with a "2 day" paid "RACE" pre-registration.

SupersizeHPDE - For Race Group or TT drivers looking for an additional seat time. NOTE: This option is ONLY good with a "2 day" paid "RACE" or "TIME TRIAL" pre-registration. 

Transponder Rental - Only available for Time Trial and Race Group. HPDE groups do not get timed! There are no refunds if you rent a transponder in HPDE. 

VENDOR - No cost but we ask that you register so we can gather any details for planning purposes prior to the event.

Questions? Email adina@nasaaz.com


Further real time updates can be found at:  http://forums.nasaaz.com/showthread.php?p=65146#post65146

Registration is closed for this event!