Event #3008: Dec 7th - 8th, 2019

NASA FL 2019 Winter Palm Beach

Event Information

Date: Dec 7th - 8th, 2019

Track Name: Palm Beach International Raceway

Configuration: 2.2mi course


Hello, you have found the registration page for NASA Florida's December 2019 weekend on the 2.2 mile track at Palm Beach International Raceway! We will be offering all four levels of HPDE, time trial, competition license evaluation, and sprint roadracing. 

If you are new to NASA FL please email jim@drivenasafl.com before registering so you can be cleared or licensed for a particular run group based on prior training and experience, otherwise you will automatically be placed in HPDE1 or on a waiting list. Jim will want to see your driving history in as much detail as possible; please also list this in your profile.

If the group you want to register for is on Waiting List status below, please email jim@drivenasafl.com first. Sorry, there is no more "holding" of spots without a Waiting List registration below. If you are cleared to sign up for a Waiting List entry below, it usually means we are pretty sure we have a spot for you. If not, your Waiting List entry will automatically be applied to the next Sebring event.

A limited number of Saturday-only entries may be available as the event gets closer to known safe participants in HPDE2 and above, please email jim@drivenasafl.com if interested. If you are new to us you must run both days for evaluation – regardless of experience or skill level, one day entries will not be accepted if you have not run with NASA FL before. You will also need to register for both days if it is your first weekend in a higher run group, if you need a check ride for whatever reason, or plan to move to a higher run group - so you can be observed and evaluated properly. 

If you have an instructor request or anything else to tell us, please put it in the additional comments field when you register below so you don't have to send us an email later with the same info.

Please read everything at all these links BEFORE signing up below: 

Details page including schedule and entry list: http://www.drivenasafl.com/palmbeach/

Registration details: http://www.drivenasafl.com/palmbeach-registration-details/

National CCR (rulebook) and competition series rules: http://www.nasaproracing.com/rules 

Cancellation policy: http://www.drivenasafl.com/contact-us/cancellation-policy/ 

Frequently asked questions: http://www.drivenasafl.com/faq/ 

Still need an answer? Please contact us: http://www.drivenasafl.com/contact-us/ 

Thanks very much and see you at the track!

Registration is closed for this event!