Event #3552: Dec 4th, 2021


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Event Information

Date: Dec 4th, 2021

Track Name: Arizona Motorsports Park

Configuration: 2.26 Mile Road Course

Direction: CCW

AMP has a sound limit of 96 dB. All cars that do not have an AMP Certification sticker will be sound tested the morning of the event. If your car fails sound testing you will be issued a promo code for the price of your registration (less a $20 processing fee) to use toward a 2022 NASA AZ event. 

CREW CREDENTIAL: You can bring up to two additional crew/guest by purchasing a credential. Each crew credential is $20. This fee will include a ride along(passenger) wristband. When registering please include their name in the comments section. If your guest/crew member has a current NASA membership they do not have to have to pay or register for the crew credential. Instead please enter their name in the comments section when you register and they will be added to the gate list. If you have any questions you can email adina@nasaaz.com  

Registration Options:

Priority Check-In/Early Entry - Select this option if you want early access to the paddock to grab a spot and drop off car/trailer/RV on Fri for the Sat event

HPDE1 (Beginner) - Classroom + 1x1 instructor passing only on main straights 

HPDE2 (Novice) - Similar/same to HPDE1 but no instructor required 

HPDE3 (Intermediate) - Passing limited 

HPDE4 (Advanced) - Open passing with courtesy 

Time Attack @ $25 - This will provide competitors (in HPDE3 or above) with a transponder rental and a near open track for 2 hot laps. Only the fastest lap counts. NOTE: Must be combined with HPDE3, HPDE4, TT or Race Group.

Time Attack$20 - Same as above but this is for entrants who do not need a transponder to run in the TA. (For HPDE3 drivers and above)

Time Trial - Drivers compete for fastest lap time. Split "Big Bore" and "Small Bore" groups with at least 30 pre-registrations (4 days prior to event) . NOTE: This group requires a NASA Time Trial or Competition license to compete in. 

RACE -  (*Wheel to wheel* racing) Requires a NASA Competition Racing License and current NASA medical examination (or a TREC license = no experience).  

SupersizeTT - For Race Group drivers looking to also compete in Time Trial. NOTE: This option is ONLY good with a "2 day" paid "RACE" pre-registration. 

SupersizeHPDE - For Race Group or TT drivers looking for an additional seat time. NOTE: This option is ONLY good with a "2 day" paid "RACE" or "TIME TRIAL" pre-registration. 

Transponder Rental - Only available for Time Trial and Race Group. HPDE groups do not get timed! There are no refunds if you rent a transponder in HPDE. 

Tech Inspection - This option is ONLY for RACE group participants only that require an ONSITE annual tech inspection. Annual race inspections are available for free at any of the authorized shops if scheduled ahead of time. If your schedule does not allow for this, we can accommodate a limited number of onsite inspections if registered ahead of time for planning purposes. $20 if car has previous year logbook and tech sticker $40 if car does not have previous NASA logbook or lost logbook.

Instructor - Unless you are a certified "NASA Instructor", do NOT select any of these options.

VENDOR - No cost to register, we simply have this option so we can preplan out the paddock and take care of any needed logistics ahead of time. We can also help communicate your services at the event in our email blasts to our members if you take the time to pre-register. Thx!


Any registrations after 8pm on 12/2/21 will be charged a $50 late fee. 


Arizona Motorsports Park


15402 W Camelback Rd

Litchfield Park, AZ 85340

NOTE: Course configuration will be Counter Clockwise (CCW)

Gate Hours

  • Friday: 2:30PM - 5:30PM <-- this is available for those who registered/paid for the "Priority Check-In/Early Entry" option.
  • Saturday: 6:00AM - 5:45PM


A map will be attached in the email sent to all participants on Thur afternoon/evening showing the basic layout. Since we will be running CCW, Grid will be at the North end of the paddock. The map also shows a 2nd "Grid" on the South end of the paddock which will be used for Tech/Impound. Please note that all covered spots are available on a 1st come, first served basis. Also note that the covered spots at the north end of the paddock are open and available for anyone to use for this event.

Run Groups

• HPDE1-4

• NASA Time Trial

• NASA Race Group

• UMS Tuning Time Attack Series

NOTE: These are the final points events of 2021 for TA, TT & Race

Key items to note:

1. Sound testing will be required the morning of the event. If you don't pass you will receive a promo code for your registration fees to use toward a future NASA AZ event (less a $20 processing fee).

2. You may purchase add'l guest/crew passes for $20/each. No guests will be allowed onsite without a pass due to site limitations. The crew pass includes the passenger ride along wristband. Please note their name in the comments section of the registration page.

3. If you are part of a team, the second driver will need to purchase a crew pass.

How do I pre-check my cars sound levels before showing up?

We get this question all of the time and here is what we have learned:

* Most cars will pass the sound requirements if left stock

* Some cars with ultra high output motors may not pass sound even if completely stock (Ex: Ford GT500, Ferrari, etc.)

* If your vehicle's sound levels are questionable, they should be tested prior to showing up onsite so save administrative time for everyone. *Some* decibel meter applications for smart phones are relatively accurate (within 2 dB) when compared to AMP's high end sound testing equipment. To pass sound at AMP, you need to be @ 96dB or less when full throttle (under load, not just revving in neutral) and near redline when measured from 50' away from the track surface.


All participants should be aware of and follow the NASA Club Codes & Regulations found here (http://nasaproracing.com/rules/ccr.pdf)

All participants should also be aware of the NASA Arizona region specific Supplemental Rules found here (https://nasaaz.com/nasa-arizona-supplemental-rules/)

“What time do I need to show up?”

This is the #1 question we are asked, especially by the folks new to NASA. See the event schedule (below or attached) for exact times but we always recommend ~1 hour prior to the drivers meeting (@ 7:30AM) to allow enough time to get through the front gate, sign the waiver, find a spot, check in with Driver Info (if you’re HPDE1) and get your car through tech and any other last min items before the drivers meeting.

Tech Inspection

All HPDE cars require an onsite tech inspection prior to being allowed on track. HPDE participants should print and fill out the "HPDE Tech" Form prior to arriving to tech. Race group & Time Trial competitors will use the “Annual Race Car” Tech forms if they haven’t already done their 2021 annual inspection. Forms can be found @ https://www.nasaproracing.com/forms

Driver Information

• Will be located near the NASA AZ trailers (see paddock map)

• HPDE1 will need to “check in” with registration. All other groups will receive their wristbands from their respective Group Leader directly after the Drivers Meeting

Rental Helmets

We have a limited number of rental helmets available for $20/day.

Drivers Meetings / Downloads

The drivers meeting per the schedule is mandatory for ALL drivers, instructors, officials, or anyone that will participate any way shape or form during the event. All other meetings times and locations will be announced by your respective Group Leader directly after the drivers meeting.


Looking to take a passenger along for a ride on track? Here are the current requirements:

1. Passengers need to be 18 (with photo ID proof of age)

2. Passengers are only allowed in HPDE3, HPDE4 or Time Trial

3. Passengers are required to sign the "Passenger Waiver" (in addition to the general "Gate Waiver")

4. Pay the $20 fee

Transponder Rentals

Need to be checked out at registration

Need to be returned to registration within 30 mins of your final session to avoid penalties

Timing and Scoring

Results will be posted on the sign easels at Driver Info. Please report errors to "Driver Info" ASAP so they can get properly corrected.

• Live (real time & archived) T&S @ https://racehero.io/events

• Provisional & Official Results @ Results - National Auto Sport Association (drivenasa.com)

Race & TT Classing

All ST & TT competitors (in all NASA regions) classing sheets are publicly posted on the NASA Super Touring website at https://supertouring.nasaseries.com/forms-rules/ (Airtable - ST/TT Compliance Submissions). GTS, HC, 944 Spec, Spec Miata and any other Series besides ST or TT will be handled by our local Series Leaders.


The club provides bottled water for staff/volunteers for free. Participants may also purchase this same water at Driver Info for $1 each using the self serve cash box.

Food Service

Our usual "Taco Truck" has confirmed they will provide their services for breakfast and lunch.

Safety Equipment: We Don't Lift (WDL)

Safety Solutions will be onsite to provide our registrants with access to high quality driver safety products as well as accessories for your racecar! Helmets, gloves and shoes are available for fitting. HANS devices available for HPDE Rental (with CC on file). Please email any specific requests ahead of time via sales@wedontlift.com and follow us on Instragram (https://www.instagram.com/wedontlift/) and Facebook (http://www.facebook.com/weddontlift)! Please stop by and say hi to them at their trailer next to registration!

Photography - Elevated Trackside

Elevated Trackside Photography will be providing trackside professional photography. Stop by the Elevated Trackside booth for information on purchasing photos. Please follow us on Facebook and Instagram @elevatedtrackside for updates on future events. Email any questions to info@elevatedtrackside.com All photos will be available for purchase as digital downloads or prints at www.elevatedtrackside.com/events


Tom from Twisted Priorities will be onsite who can create custom graphics and magnetic decals and car numbers for your ride!

Tire Service

NASA Arizona will have tire service available at the following prices:

$5 – dismount

$10 – mount

$10 – balance

$5 – tire disposal <-- $0 if you take your old tires with you to self dispose

NOTE: Air is free and is self serve via the air-chuck located near the front of the NASA AZ gooseneck trailer.


Registration is closed for this event!