Event #3592: Aug 21st - 22nd, 2021

Out Motorsports Rainbow Road Rallycross

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Event Information

Date: Aug 21st - 22nd, 2021

Track Name: Summit Point Motorsports Park

Configuration: Rallycross

Direction: Rallycross

UPDATE: this event has been moved to the paved SHENANDOAH CIRCUIT! Click here for details.

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Out Motorsports is inviting you to two days of rallycross! Rallycross is like autocross – competing for your best personal time through a defined course – but on dirt. It’s fun, it’s a little messy, and it’s pretty low-risk. 

Out Motorsports is an enthusiast organization that celebrates and encourages LGBT+ participation in motorsport. If you are part of the LGBT+ family or consider yourself a supporter slash ally of ours, we cannot wait to have you join us! If you’re a bigot who thinks this is all very silly, or worse, we invite you to sign up for events that are not this one.

Drive (almost) anything you already have, or go one step farther and purchase a cheap car to join our Challenge classes!

Summit Point features two rallycross courses, and we will use both of them! We’ll run one course on Saturday, and one course on Sunday. 




Challenge classes are as follows:

[OB] • Orphaned Brands/Makes (the company doesn’t sell in the United States as of 2021)

[OM] • Orphaned Models (the company sells cars in the U.S. but the model is discontinued)

If you’re not buying a car for the challenge, you may register with your daily driver or other vehicle in these classes:

[SF] • Stock Front Wheel Drive

[SR] • Stock Rear Wheel Drive

[SA] • Stock All Wheel Drive

[MF] • Modified Front Wheel Drive

[MR] • Modified Rear Wheel Drive

[MA] • Modified All Wheel Drive

If you have to ask if something is modified, it probably is. Replacing a factory part (i.e. shock absorber) with an equivalent aftermarket piece of similar performance counts as stock. Replacing it with something performance-y (lift kit, snow tires, more power) counts as modified. 

You will need to list your car's class in the "Transponder Number" field when you register: OB, OM, SF, SR, SA, MF, MR, or MA.


This schedule will apply on both Saturday and Sunday. If you miss the driver’s meeting, you will not be able to compete that day. There’s a lot of valuable information shared then, and it’s our only chance to get everyone together, so please be on time!

• 7:00 AM – 8:00 AM: Registration & Tech Inspection Open

• 8:00 AM: Drivers’ Meeting and Novice Classroom

• 9:00 AM: Heat A on Course (Heat B Works)

• 10:30 AM (Approx.): Heat B on Course (Heat A Works)

• 12:00 PM – 1:00 PM: Lunch & Course Reset

• 1:00 PM: Heat C on Course (Heat D Works)

• 3:00 PM (Approx.): Heat D on Course (Heat C Works)

• 5:30 PM (Approx.): Awards Party, All Are Welcome


$149 for two days, no one-day entries

Drivers must be age 18+ with a valid drivers license

Again please visit https://outmotorsports.com/event/rallycross-2021/ for more info. See you there!

Registration is closed for this event!