Event #3753: Apr 9th, 2022

Limerock- HPDE April 9 "Spring Thaw"

Event Information

Date: Apr 9th, 2022

Track Name: Lime Rock Park



HPDE1 is SOLD OUT- please use Wait List option to be emailed if a spot opens.

   For all HPDE groups and Instructors. This is a muffled event, level cannot exceed 84db. If you sign up for HPDE1 you will automatically be assigned an Instructor so DO NOT choose Instructor option. Event is run rain or shine, and will only be cancelled if track manager decides facility is unusable due to weather conditions. 

You will receive a receipt upon checkout. Detailed info and schedule will be emailed 7-10 days before event.

The day will consist of 4-5 sessions on track with classroom/downloads in between.

You can drop off trailers until 7pm on Friday. There is no camping for this day.

Gates open at 6:30am. Day will start at 7am with registration and tech inspection. Drivers meeting 8:15am. First group on track 9am. Day ends about 5pm.

As groups sell out, wait lists will open in case of cancellations. 

Please choose registration based on your experience:

    HPDE1 Novice- No experience or very limited experience. Instructors will be assigned to each driver. 

    HPDE2 Multiple days/events. Cleared to Solo. 

    HPDE3 Multiple Track days at different tracks 

    HPDE4 Advanced 20+ track days with open passing  

You may choose a car number when you register and we will notify you if it needs to change. 2 or 3 digit numbers are better choices. Numbers can be done in tape or we sell adhesive numbers at registration. Numbers must be 7 inches in size or larger. 

Detailed info will be sent out 7-10 days before the event date. Questions? Call 973-900-7272 or email scasella@nasane.com

Registration is closed for this event!