Event #3792: Apr 9th - 10th, 2022

Track and TREC-Endurance Race at the Ozarks

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Date: Apr 9th - 10th, 2022

Track Name: Ozarks International Raceway



Ozarks International Raceway

Track and TREC Endurance RACES at the Ozarks

Extreme Track Time For Every Run Class

Purchase now for best deals. Prices will increase Jan. 7, 2022! WRL and Champ use this event to learn this very technical and challenging track! Due to the massive amount of track time we expect this event will sell out.

Track Info: 29211 Highway 135, Gravois Mills, MO 65037


-TREC-Registration and Team Creation Instructions

-Great Lakes TREC RULES 

  • , 2022 Rule set. **Supplemental NASA Central rules. TEAMS be aware ALL drivers must have completed HPDE 2 at minimum to be eligible to participate in this event.

Loads of OIR Track Time to learn this track. 11 Hours of track time for our TREC Teams Endurance Drivers

3 Run Groups

All levels HPDE Race\Driving School


Test & Tune

TREC Endurance Races--4 and 3 hour endurance events.

All things HPDE Race/Driving School available here. Self Tech Form required for all levels. Fill out and bring to event.

HPDE - National Auto Sport Association (drivenasa.com)

  • HPDE 1 - This is where you need to be if you are new driver. HPDE includes a minimum of (4) 20 minute sessions, or (3) 30 min sessions. All HPDE 1 students will be automatically assigned an instructor for the weekend. This event will follow a lead follow format due to covid-19. This includes required download sessions following each event. Please print HPDE tech form below and bring it with you to the track.
  • HPDE 2 - For drivers that have been signed off to drive on their own, but just want more time with the novice group. Groups 1 and 2 run together. The only difference is that Group 2 has no instructor assignment.
  • HPDE 3 – Groups 3 and 4 may also run together, typically arranged by fastest vehicle. Saturday will work up to additional passing by the end of the day. Sunday will be a continuation, starting with limited passing in the first session and then adding more passing zones and picking up the pace as the group leader feels appropriate.
  • HPDE 4 - Open passing, still monitored by group leader. May run with Time Trials.
  • Time Trials (TT) - TT license is required to register. All TT participants must have a transponder and display proper NASA decals.
  • Race Groups - Number and composition of race groups determined based on entries. All racing rules apply.
  • Competition School – Comp School utilized based on interest. Designed for students who are ready to enter the realm of wheel to wheel racing.
  •  **Be aware that groups will sell out. Please register early for our HPDE events as they are extremely popular.

Track Time available to all Groups, Mix and Match

Come and see what all the hype is about first hand. Track has 19 turns, 100+ foot elevation changes, double apexes, off-camber turns and a "ROLLERCOASTER."

We Drive Harder!

2 Days


3 hours on track at Ozarks. Contact Chief Instructor Terry Bouge at t.bouge@cox.net w/ questions.

2 Days


Minimum level, HPDE 2, 4, TT and Race Groups, 3 hours of track time.

2 Days


2 Days


11 hours on track. Includes the T&T. 4 hour Race Saturday, 3 hour Race Sunday. Single/Race Group drivers welcomed with mandatory rests.

2 Days


Annual Tech only. No Charge to tech for HPDE

2 Days


50 Garages available. They will sell out. Load in Friday evening.

2 Days


9 hours available time. T&T included. Race group drivers join TREC schedule. Single driver with mandatory 1hour breaks during TREC Race. Timed, best overall, non competing.

2 Days


9 hours available time. T&T included. Single driver with mandatory 1hour breaks during TREC Race. Timed, best overall, non competing. Open to DE 3 and above.