Event #3792: Apr 8th - 10th, 2022

The Inaugural Event at Ozarks International Raceway

Event Information

Date: Apr 8th - 10th, 2022

Track Name: Ozarks International Raceway



The Inaugural Event

Ozarks International Raceway

Join NASA Central Region as we make history.

Track and TREC at the Ozarks

NASA Central, NASA Great Lakes and NASA Rocky Mountain crossover event!

Welcome Vintage Drivers! Heartland Vintage Racing is proud to welcome you to Ozarks International Raceway!

Track Info: 29211 Highway 135, Gravois Mills, MO 65037

  • Open Track, Friday, 4/8, 1 to 5 pm. 2 group format. Group A - licensed competition drivers only with race car. Group B DE 3 and above. 4 30 min sessions each.
  • High Performance Driving Event - All Levels - HPDE 1-2-3-4
  • Test and Tune
  • TREC races. T+4+3

-TREC-Registration and Team Creation Instructions


  • 2022 Rule set. **Supplemental NASA Central rules. TREC Endurance: Driving Experience is required-HPDE 3 or equivalent to be eligible to participate in this TREC event. All crew members, refueler and fire bottle man, over the wall during fueling are required to be in full safety gear to include full face helmet with visor. The refueler and fire bottle man must be in a 3.2/A-5, SFI 3.3 or better rated shoes/gloves/balaclava/socks. The fuel port shall not be opened until the engine is off. Work on the car and driver changes completed while engine is off.

11 Hours of track time for our TREC Teams Endurance Drivers

Competition Drivers choose TREC Team SOLO, TASTE OF TREC or Test and Tune.

All things HPDE Race/Driving School available here. Self Tech Form required for all levels. Fill out and bring to event.

HPDE - National Auto Sport Association (drivenasa.com)

  • HPDE 1 - NOVICE. NASA's HPDE program includes a minimum of (4) 20 minute sessions, or (3) 30 min sessions per day on the track. All HPDE 1 students will be assigned an instructor for the weekend. This is a sanctioned, comprehensive National Auto Sport Association driving program. Designed to make you a better driver on the track and in your daily car. You will go from classroom to on track learning throughout weekend.
  • HPDE 2 - NOVICE. For drivers that have been signed off to drive on their own. Groups 1 and 2 run together. The only difference is that Group 2 has no instructor assignment. Instructors are available to answer questions and you will attend the classroom sessions. On track behaviors are reviewed and knowledge of all safety rules and flags must be learned prior to advancement to HPDE 3.
  • HPDE 3 – INTERMEDIATE. Groups 3 and 4 may also run together, typically arranged by fastest group. Saturday will work up to additional passing by the end of the day. Sunday will be a continuation, starting with limited passing in the first session and then adding more passing zones and picking up the pace as the group leader feels appropriate. Advanced on track driving techniques will be introduced in DE 3.
  • HPDE 4 - ADVANCED. Open passing, download sessions as scheduled by group leader. May run with Time Trials. The DE 4 group is welcomed to participate in the Time Trial warm up session on Saturday morning. When ready, you will be able to advance from this group to Time Trials or Competition Racing. You may also stay within the DE 4 program to hone and master your driving skills.
  • Time Trials (TT) - TT license is required to register. Welcome and Congratulations on completing the DE program and gaining a National NASA Time Trial license. All TT participants must have a transponder and display proper NASA decals.
  • Race Groups - NASA National Licensed Competition Drivers only. Welcome and Congratulations on becoming a nationally recognized competition driver. Number and composition of race groups determined based on entries. All racing rules apply. Race Group drivers welcomed at this event. Register under TREC Team SOLO Driver or sign up for a TASTE OF TREC.
  • TREC Endurance - Fun and easy way to enter the world of Endurance racing. Open to DE 3 and higher drivers. Caged race car required.
  • Competition School – Comp School utilized based on interest. Designed for students who are ready to enter the realm of wheel to wheel racing. Comp School available May 14, at HMP.
  •  **Be aware that groups will sell out. Please register early for our HPDE events as they are extremely popular.

Track has 19 turns, 100+ foot elevation changes, double apexes, off-camber turns and a "ROLLERCOASTER."

We Drive Harder!

*All drivers: Full refund less $75.00 processing fee 7 days out. $125.00 processing fee within 3 to 7 days of event. No refunds on garages or within 3 days of event. We will however offer a 50% credit toward your next event during the current season. Please contact dlane@drivenasa.com. 

TREC full refund less 125. Full refund less 250., within 7 days of event.

No refunds after event has started. The Toyota HPDE cancellation policy requires a minimum of 14-days notice before your scheduled event. If for any reason you are unable to attend, please send us an email at info@GRtrackdrive.com or call us at 844-477-8772. You will forfeit your complimentary track day if we do not hear from you 14-days prior to your event. Regretfully, we cannot make any exceptions to this policy. Please know that NASA events do not cancel due to rain.

Registration is closed for this event!