Event #3839: May 13th - 15th, 2022

HYPERFEST 2022 at VIR Full Course

Event Information

Date: May 13th - 15th, 2022

Track Name: VIRginia International Raceway

Configuration: Full Course


Online PRE-Registration is now closed but we will accept new registrations for Sat/Sun racing and Time Trial at the track during registration hours. Email laura@nasaracing.net for info. These are full: Friday Test and Tune, Friday Open Track, HPDE 1, 2, 4 and Instructor group - HPDE 4. Two spaces remain for HPDE 3. Email laura@nasaracing.net with questions about availability.

We need 2 more Instructors for Hyperdrives and this option gets you lots of track time on VIR Full Course! https://members.drivenasa.com/events/3956

****Event email sent May 4***** View here for important info concerning gate admission and more:


****Note for Instructors: Updated 4-30-22. Instructing Full Course on Sat/Sun is now closed with a wait list. Your other option is to be a Hyperdrive Instructor which gives you Full Course track time on Friday, a full day on Full Course on Sunday without students, and lots of benefits. Read/signup here: https://members.drivenasa.com/events/3956

*****If an item shows as full, please sign up for the wait list. If Test and Tune is full for licensed racers, please sign up for the wait list but also sign up for Open Track which is for advanced drivers if you definitely want track time on Friday. If we get a cancellation and you are on the wait list, I can move you over to Test and Tune.

Welcome to registration for HYPERFEST 2022 at VIR!     


2022 will be the 21st annual Hyperfest! We are happy to welcome back The Tire Rack Ultimate Track Car Challenge (UTCC) presented by Grassroots Motorsports Magazine! We can't wait! 

The NASA portion of the event is for three days, UTCC is on Friday (with top competitors progressing to Saturday), and Hyperfest is the spectator portion on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Hyperfest will involve every inch of VIR with on track and off track activities for all ages.  Racing, vendors, drifting shows/contests, car corrals, off road activities, helicopter rides, expanded children's area, contests with prizes, music and more are part of this one of a kind event.  Thousands of spectators will be watching you on track! Go to http://hyper-fest.com/ for more info about activities throughout the weekend.  

Please read all of the below very carefully as this is a special event with procedures and policies that differ from the regular NASA-MA events.  OG Racing is continuing as a 2022 sponsor for NASA Mid-Atlantic! Thanks to their help, we are able to offer the below prices until two weeks prior to the event. Prices will go up to their regular amount on Friday April 29th at midnight for all Saturday/Sunday activities including Sprint Races, HPDE and Time Trial. 


REFUND/CREDIT POLICY FOR ALL DRIVERS FOR THIS SPECIAL EVENT NO EXCEPTIONS.  There are no refunds or credits if you cancel LESS than 10 days from the event. If you cancel 10 days or more prior to the event you have two options.    Full Refund less 7% of your total entry fee with a $50 minimum OR  100% credit that will be good for 365 days from the date of cancellation. Credits will be issued via two coupon codes which may be used during normal online registration for two future NASA MA events. Driver must give notice to Laura Cobetto laura@nasaracing.net.



This event will have special gate procedures. Each full weekend driver will get themself and one crew in for free. Drivers will have the option to purchase up to 4 additional discounted tickets. Torkhub is the ticketing platform and you will receive an email from that service soon after you register.  



Test and Tune for licensed racers

Open Practice for advanced drivers (HPDE 3, 4) and Instructors. 

Ultimate Track Car Challenge (Details will be released at: http://www.ultimatetrackcar.com/)


HPDE (1-4); 4 sessions per day  

Time Trial

Double Sprint races for all race classes



Schedule and driver list will be posted by 10-14 days prior to the event. 

See cancellation policy here for HYPERFEST: http://www.nasaracing.net/contact-us/cancellation-policy/

Event Confirmations:  Once you register, you will immediately receive a purchase confirmation receipt by e-mail which also indicates you have been accepted into the event. 7-10 days before the event, you will receive further instructions for the event, and these instructions will also be posted at www.nasaracing.net under the event.

Track damage: All drivers are responsible for any track damage that is the result of their actions on or off the track and will be financially responsible for repair/replacement of damaged track property. 



Your grid position for qualifying is determined by a calculation based on how early you register, points, and how many events you attend.....register early for a better grid spot! Race licenses are valid from Jan to Dec. and you must have a current NASA license for this event. You may use a current license from another approved sanctioning body to apply for your NASA license. Check your date of medical expiration. E-mail Beth Dunnivant at beth@nasaracing.net for licensing info. PLEASE CHECK YOUR CAR INFO WHEN REGISTERING TO MAKE SURE YOU ARE SELECTING THE CORRECT CAR IN YOUR PROFILE WITH A TRANSPONDER NUMBER. If you do not submit the correct info with your entry or you do not get the info to the registrar by the Wednesday prior to the event when online registration closes, you will be charged $25 at the track. TX rental is last option.



Drivers must have a current Time Trial or current Race License to participate. Entrants must have a transponder and please rent one if necessary (last option on this page). Email Time Trial Director Scott Blair at joenationwide@yahoo.com if you have questions about TT or being evaluated for a license. When registering, please make sure your car information is correct and includes a tx number unless you are renting. 



HPDE slots will likely sell out by 5-6 weeks prior due to the popularity of this event. You will have 4 daily HPDE sessions on Saturday and Sunday. HPDE 1 and most HPDE 2 (unless HPDE 2 solo) are automatically assigned an Instructor. If you have run as HPDE 2 solo, please put that in your admin notes. Experience will be verified. HPDE 3 (Advanced) drivers are not assigned an instructor. If you are new to NASA please email laura@nasaracing.net if you have questions about which group is most appropriate. Please list your driving experience in your profile.  **If your group is noted as full below, please sign up for the waiting list. We do tend to get several off the wait list with the normal cancellations and additions of instructors, and chances are particularly good for getting a spot if you can get last minute notification (1-2 days before the event)**



**Updated 4-30-22. Instructing Full Course on Sat/Sun is now closed with a wait list. This is your other option which gives you a full day on Full Course on Sunday without students, two sessions on Friday, and lots of benefits. Read here (and sign up) for info: https://members.drivenasa.com/events/3956


If you need a transponder, please rent one in advance below by to guarantee we will have one. All entrants must have a transponder. If you register after September 26, we cannot guarantee we will have a transponder and you may need to have one overnight shipped to you from OG RACING: https://www.ogracing.com/


Contacts:  Registration questions: Laura Cobetto, laura@nasaracing.net.  Hyperfest Event and NASA questions: Chris Cobetto, chris@nasaracing.net.  Licensing questions: Beth Dunnivant, beth@nasaracing.net.  Time Trial questions: Scott Blair at joenationwide@yahoo.com  Instructor questions to Chief Instructor: Jack McAfee, jmcafee@nasaracing.net


Registration is closed for this event!