Event #3889: Sep 10th - 11th, 2022

Nashville Super Speedway Track Event

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Event Information

Date: Sep 10th - 11th, 2022

Track Name: Nashville Super Speedway

Configuration: Roval

Direction: CCW

NASA returns to Nashville Super Speedway

***We are working with the track to add a Friday TREC race & Test n' Tune. We will update the registration page once we get the finalized contract***

  • Freshly repaved track
  • Refurbished garages
  • Freshly repaved paddock
  • Refurbished RV area - On site Camping is FREE & includes 50 amp electrical hook-up and water. NSS prohibits working on cars in the RV area

Pricing is as follows:

  • To encourage early entries, Garages will be $79 for the weekend with an event entry purchase until the 1st 10 are gone, the next 10 will be $99. All subsequent ones will be $129. If you attended our August event last year, the garages are wonderful. If you try to reserve a garage without an entry, we will cancel the purchase

  • $399 for HPDE, TT, or W2W racing until 11:59pm, Feb 28
  • $429 for HPDE, TT, or W2W racing until 11:59pm, May 31
  • $459 for HPDE, TT, or W2W racing until 11:59pm, Aug 19
  • $489 for HPDE, TT, or W2W racing until 11:59pm, Sep 6
  • On site registration, $529

We will work to maximize track time for each group. W2W Race groups will have a warm up, qualifying session, and race each day. To add to our HPDE participant's track time, we plan to have a bonus Sunday HPDE-All for the last session.

An event confirmation email with all the details will be sent on Tuesday evening the week of the event

Registration options for participants include:

·         Racing

·         Time Trial

·         HPDE 1 (novice, with an instructor, limited passing)

·         HPDE 2 (intermediate, solo driving, limited passing) 

·         HPDE 3 (advanced, solo driving, passing anywhere with a point by)

·         HPDE4 (advanced, usually for instructors or those with 20+ events, passing anywhere with a point by)

·         Supersize for TT (for racers who also want to participate in Time Trial)

  •  Supersize for HPDE (for Time Trial participants or racers who want additional seat time in HPDE)

·         Garage Rental

  •   Transponder Rental

For HPDE1, an instructor will be assigned to you. If you would like to be assigned a particular instructor that you know will attend this event, please email Paul Zarychta at pzary3233@gmail.com .

For any questions regarding registration, please email Pam at midsouth@drivenasa.com or Shawn at staylor@drivenasa.com.

If your option is full and you wish to be put on the waiting list, send us an email and we will contact you if something opens up due to a cancellation.

Thank you for supporting the Mid South region.

Registration is closed for this event!

You may be able to contact Mid South Region for help or additional information.

Email them at staylor@drivenasa.com