Event #4084: Oct 13th - 15th, 2023

The QuadDuro™ - Round 7 - 2023

Event Information

Date: Oct 13th - 15th, 2023

Track Name: Utah Motorsports Campus

Configuration: All Tracks

Direction: CCW

Round 7 - The QuadDuro™ - All Tracks - UMC

We just can't get enough of this format, all the tracks, all the fun... Our 2023 season concludes in this most magnificent and challenging event! This is the way.

Friday: Outer and Full Tracks

Saturday: Outer and Full Tracks (1 Race on each) (HPDE 1- Outer track all day)

Sunday: East and West Tracks (1 race on each) (HPDE 1-4 - 2 Sessions on East Track, 2 on West Track)

We know that seems super confusing! As soon as you see the schedule, it'll make sense.

For registration questions or assistance, please contact Cheri.

Please make sure to review the information below and ask questions to Matt or Dave before the event, so you can have a great time at the track!

HPDE & TT Information 

HPDE General Information

If the HPDE Group that you want says "No Items Available", it might mean that it's full. Please contact Matt by Clicking Here and get on the wait list.

All HPDE cars must have a Tech form completed prior to each event weekend. HPDE Tech forms can be found here, and can be performed by any local ASE certified shop. All HPDE and TT cars are required to have numbers on both sides of the car.

Door Numbers

Don't muck your beautiful car up with tape on your doors! Door numbers are available at Driver Information for $4.50 each. (Vehicles with tape for numbers will not be included in our photographs.)

There is no timing or scoring in HPDE 1-3 driving groups.


HPDE 1 is where it all starts. If you’ve never been on track before or would like to be guaranteed an instructor, sign up for HPDE 1. 


HPDE 2 is for drivers that have been signed off to drive safely on their own. Drivers must be signed off by an instructor to drive in HPDE 2, or have a NASA driving passport showing the driving appropriate driving level. If you have questions please Click Here for more information. 

HPDE 2 is dedicated to learning and progression. HPDE 2 drivers do not require an instructor. Drivers must have a passport signed off for HPDE 2


HPDE 3 drivers will enjoy more relaxed passing rules, and generally faster drivers to learn with. The advanced driving group demands attention and focus, and places an emphasis on safe driving in traffic. All drivers at this level must be have a NASA passport, and must be signed off to participate in this group. As usual, if you have questions please Click Here to learn more.


Only advanced drivers with open passing skills are permitted in HPDE4. All HPDE 4 drivers who are new to NASA must be pre-approved by the HPDE 4 Group Leader or Chief Instructor before being allowed to drive in HPDE 4. If you sign up for HPDE 4 without contacting us, you will be placed in the correct driving group until a sign-off ride can be organized. Timing is optional, and will provide a grid position for sessions 2-4

Time Trials:

TT is combined with HPDE 4 and has open passing. You must possess a NASA TT license to be in this class. You must also class your car, please read and understand your class rules and complete your class forms. Completed class forms will be turned into your TT class director and kept on record for the season. Please also have your dyno classification form completed for classes that require dyno certification. For questions regarding TT, as always Click Here for more information. If you have been signed off for HPDE 4 and would like to apply for a license, do it now.

Each TT car must have 4 NASA stickers. Regular price $2.50 for each sticker. Stickers will be available at Driver Info/Registration.

If you have questions about the HPDE program, Time Trials or Instructing, 

contact Matt Guiver.

Competition license holder Racing Information

Racers, please make sure your Medical Form is current, this can be checked from your NASA account by clicking your name in the upper left corner of this page.

PLEASE NOTE: If you’re 45 years old or older you are now required to submit a 12 lead EKG with your next medical from, the EKG is generally only required to be submitted one time, and held on record. Current Medical forms can be found Here.

If you don’t know which class to enter, please refer to the NASA Rules, and Series Rules, all available here. If you still don't know where to class your car, select SU... - just kidding- Please contact Matt or Dave. All racers must have their annual tech completed, and car classification forms along with dyno certification forms, where required, turned over to your class leaders.

NASA Requirements

Suit patches are required for all driver's suits. Each car must have 4 NASA stickers. Regular price will be $5 for patches and $2.50 for each sticker. Patches and stickers will be available at Driver Info/Registration.

If you have questions about the race program, contact Dave

Cancellation and Refund Policy –

All refund or future event credit requests must be submitted via email to cheri@nasautah.com

Entry fees cannot be transferred between NASA regions.

Entry fees cannot be transferred to another driver.

Once the car hits the track all fees are non-refundable.

Registration fees are fully refundable, less a $50 processing fee, with at least 5 days notice prior to the start of the event. (Monday prior to the event at 11:59 PM)

If within 5 days of the event, no refunds or credits will be available. If you choose to select an event credit vs. a refund you will not endure the $50 processing fee but you are still required to give 5 days notice.

Early Registration Discount!

That's right, if you register by Sunday 10/8 you'll get the following rates:

Single Day: $319

Two Day: $559

Three Day: $759

Register after 10/8 and rates are:

Single Day: $349 -- HPDE 1 is still just $319!

Two Day: $609

Three Day: $809

Registration is closed for this event!