Event #4144: May 19th - 21st, 2023

NJMP May 19-21 "May Mania"

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Event Information

Date: May 19th - 21st, 2023

Track Name: New Jersey Motorsports Park - Lightning



 NJMP Lightning-  May 19-21 "May Mania"  HPDE

FRI: Advanced HPDE 2/ 3/ 4, and Instructor Training Clinic

SAT/SUN: All HPDE groups 1-2-3-4 and Instructors

NOTE: A change for 2023, there will not be any RACING or TT at this event


Instructor Clinic is open to advanced drivers who have an interest in becoming NASA HPDE instructors. The day consists of mentoring, classroom discussion and on-track exercises. 

TESLA VEHICLES/ Electric vehicles are NOT allowed to participate at NJMP.  


HPDE   Please choose HPDE registration based on your experience.

    HPDE1 Novice- No experience or very limited experience. Instructors will be assigned to each driver. 

    HPDE2 Multiple days/events. Cleared to Solo. 

    HPDE3 Multiple Track days at different tracks 

    HPDE4 Advanced 20+ track days with open passing  

You may choose a car number when you register and we will notify you if it needs to change. 2 or 3 digit numbers are better choices. Numbers can be done in tape or we sell adhesive numbers at registration. Numbers must be 7 inches in size or larger. 


FREE CAMPING available for the weekend starting 6pm Thursday night. Electric is included.

Hyperdrives will be available Sat and Sun. One class and one on track session for $50. Bring a friend to try it out!!

You will receive an email receipt upon completion of registration. Detailed info concerning this event will be emailed about 7-10 days before the event. Schedules will be posted on NE website as soon as they are finalized, usually 5-7 days before the event. Questions? Call 973-900-7272 or email scasella@nasane.com

For anyone looking for HPDE track insurance, please consider On Track Insurance who is one of our sponsors. https://ontrackinsurance.com/

Track Photography will be provided by WindShadow Studios.

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1 Day


1 Day


1 Day


2 Days