Event #4156: Aug 31st, 2024

2024 Arrive & Drive Twilight Kart Enduro #1

Event Information

Date: Aug 31st, 2024

Track Name: VIR Kart Track

Configuration: Arrive & Drive Kart Enduro

Direction: Arrive & Drive Kart Enduro

Registration is OPEN with *2* of 12 team spots remaining.

Welcome to the info & registration page for our arrive & drive twilight kart enduro on the 5/8 mile VIR Kart Track. It will be on Saturday night August 31st 2024 for 120 minutes, starting at 6:30pm and ending at 8:30pm. Please click here for more information about our kart enduros.

This is an "arrive and drive" event so VIR's new Birel karts will be provided. This enduro is open to teams or solo drivers, and at least three pit-stops will be mandatory (stop & go pit stops are allowed; the idea is to make things more equal for teams with additional drivers.) NASA membership is not required to participate. Spectating is free and encouraged. Consumption of alcoholic beverages by any driver is not permitted.

The team captain and all drivers should be at the kart track by 45 minutes prior to race start time for registration and the drivers meeting. All drivers must be 18 years of age with a valid drivers license, or under 18 with a minor waiver and parent or legal guardian present (please contact Jon Felton first if any member of your team is under 18.) All drivers must wear, at a minimum: closed face helmet, gloves, closed toe shoes, safety neck collar. Pants and long sleeve shirts are recommended but not required at VIR. Gloves, neck collar, head sock and helmets are available to borrow from the track at no additional cost.

There is no qualifying for this race. Starting positions are assigned randomly at the drivers meeting. There will be a Le Mans Start, standing start, or rolling start and several pit stops/driver changes per team. At the end of the 120 minutes, the team that has gone the furthest distance shall be declared the winner. Trophies will be awarded for first, second, and third place finishes. Rough driving is not allowed and is grounds for immediate ejection and disqualification. Point-by signals are strongly recommended. Spare karts will be on hand in case of mechanical failures. Refueling will not be necessary.

Refunds or credits shall not be issued, but substitutions are allowed. Entries for a postponed or cancelled kart enduro are automatically applied to the next kart enduro scheduled at that venue. We need a minimum of 8 teams per race or else we may postpone or apply your entry to the next race. You must agree to this policy before your registration is accepted.

The person signing up below will be considered the team's captain and point-of-contact. One registration below is all you need for the whole team, individual drivers do not need to register. Please list your team's name in the "Sponsor" or "Additional Comments" field. For more information about this enduro or to contact series director Jon Felton, please click here.

1 Day


(1) Team Entry in the 8/31/24 Twilight Kart Enduro at VIR (Captain is Member)

1 Day


(1) Team Entry in the 8/31/24 Twilight Kart Enduro at VIR (Captain is Nonmember)