Event #4178: Aug 19th - 20th, 2023

Incredible 2.52-mile road course featuring 12 turns on a hilly course with 160' of elevation change!

Event Information

Date: Aug 19th - 20th, 2023

Track Name: Sonoma Raceway

Configuration: Road Course

Direction: CW

WERC 3-Hour Enduro on Saturday!

The Enduro registration process is as follows:

  • Below, select "Endurance Racing - Vehicle Registration" and select your class. (This will register your car.)
  • If you are also driving on your team, select "Endurance Racing - Driver Registration". Then select "Car + Driver Registration". (You can also do this later.)
  • As you proceed through the registration process, you'll reach the section where you can declare your team. Please enter your team name. This is what will display in Timing & Scoring.
  • Once you've completed the registration of your vehicle, please inform your drivers to register themselves on this event page as drivers on your team. (Please inform them that they must do that NO LATER than two weeks prior to the event. This will help ensure we have adequate time to assist with any last minute licensing or medical concerns.)

The total entry fee for the Enduro is $895 for up to four drivers. If you have less than four drivers on the team, the team will be charged the remaining balance.

NOTE: Section 5.4 of the Endurance Rules series which state:

  • 5.4. Starting order
  • 5.4.1. The Race Director will choose a starting method to determine the starting order. Methods are unrestricted, and include: gridding based on season points (or reverse), a qualifying session, vehicle number, alphabetical, etc.    
  • 5.4.2. The starting method, as determined by the Race Director, cannot be questioned or disputed. However, a competitor or team’s representative should notify the Race Director if there is an error in their assigned starting position based on the chosen starting method.  

FRIDAY TESTING AVAILABLE! Register directly here: https://www.trackmasters-racing.com/

IMPORTANT: In-car instruction is allowed for HPDE1. If you are signed up for HPDE1 and prefer to have a lead-follow instruction format, please let your group leader know. Spectators allowed. Passengers allowed (must be at least 18 years old) and must sign in at registration to get a wrist band to participate.


If you do not see the HPDE group that you want, it may not be offered at this event. If you are unsure of which HPDE level to choose, please contact us: https://nasanorcal.com/contact-us/.

HPDE for this event:


- HPDE 1 & 2

- HPDE 3

- HPDE 4 & TT


- HPDE 1 & 2

- HPDE 3

- HPDE 4

- TT


Do not choose "instructor" below. One will be assigned to you automatically.


HPDE 2 is for drivers that have been signed off to drive on their own, but just want more time in HPDE 1. HPDE 2 runs with HPDE 1 but they have no instructor assignment. Please check the website or contact the group leader to make sure you are eligible. https://nasanorcal.com/hpde-get-started/.


There will be at least four 20-minute sessions. Please check the website or contact the group leader to make sure you are eligible. https://nasanorcal.com/hpde-get-started/.

Sunday only entrants MUST have completed a prior Sunday HPDE3 event to be eligible.


There will be at least four 20-minute sessions. Please check the website or contact the group leader to make sure you are eligible. https://nasanorcal.com/hpde-get-started/.



All regular NASA race groups: NP01, SM, ST, SU, SE30, SE46, 944 Spec, AI, AIX, Spec-Z, Legends, Pro, Semi-Pro, Thunder Roadsters GTR.

LATE REGISTRATION FEE: Online registration closes Tuesday at 6 PM week of the event. After that, all registrations must be done at the track and pay a $100 late fee. (Late fee pertains to race groups only, not HPDE.)

License: Your competition license is good for one season. Purchase your season license online in your member account. Apply for a new NASA license here: https://form.jotform.com/drivenasa/license-application.

Medicals: If your medical is expired, you're ineligible to race! Use this link to renew your medical info: https://form.jotform.com/drivenasa/nasa-medical-application. It may take up to two weeks to process by the National office, so don't delay!


Spec Miata / Spec E30 drivers may Supersize to ST.


There is a STRICT sound limit of 103 dBA measured 50’ from the line on driver’s right, apex of T15. Attempts to fool the meter or lift will easily be detected by the track’s dedicated sound person (they hate that!). So, please prepare to adjust your muffling system if necessary. This is the same standard that has been in place for years.




HPDE/School/Open Track - Full refund less $30.00 processing fee or account credit, with at least one week notice prior to the event.

Race Groups: Full refund less a $30 processing fee or account credit, provided that you registered at least 12 days in advance and you notify your NASA region within five days following the missed event. No partial refunds allowed. This policy does not apply to special events. Once the car hits the track all fees are non-refundable.

Online Reg Closes Tue, Aug 15, 11:59 PM.

Registration is closed for this event!