Entry List for #4179: Oct 14th - 15th, 2023

Incredible 2.52-mile road course featuring 12 turns on a hilly course with 160' of elevation change!

Entry List

Sonoma Raceway

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DriverRegionClassCarCar #Tx #
Randy A.California - Northern RegionSpec MiataMazda Miata217258190
Dean A.California - Northern RegionSpec MiataMazda Miata43
Guy A.California - Northern RegionSpec MiataMazda Miata423590537
Nathan B.California - Northern RegionSpec MiataMazda Miata735501116
2S199: MooreWood CreativeCalifornia - Northern RegionTT5BMW E46720407603
2S199: MooreWood CreativeCalifornia - Northern RegionSuper Touring 5BMW E46720407603
Andy B.California - Northern RegionSuper Touring 5BMW 325is476342686
Tom B.California - Northern RegionThunderRoadster GTRThunder Roadster GTR778565847
Laura B.California - Northern RegionSpec MiataMazda Miata727217357
Aaron B.California - Northern RegionSpec MiataMazda Miata171474135
2S381: Team Brown/HeyerCalifornia - Northern RegionTT5Mazda Miata641761049
2S381: Team Brown/HeyerCalifornia - Northern RegionSpec MiataMazda Miata641761049
2S381: Team Brown/HeyerCalifornia - Northern RegionSuper Touring 5Mazda Miata641761049
Brad B.California - Northern RegionSuper Touring 2Rush Auto Works SR 151
Jon B.California - Northern RegionSuper Touring 4BMW M3458356804
Pedro C.California - Southern RegionSpec MiataMazda Miata71
Alex C.California - Southern RegionSuper Touring 2Rush SR Rush SR 1 6171614
Wyatt C.California - Northern RegionSpec MiataMazda Miata660452141
Brian C.California - Northern RegionSpec MiataMazda Miata16914612560
Michael C.California - Northern RegionTT3Lotus Elise111
Tai D.California - Northern RegionSpec E46BMW 330ci13
Mike D.California - Northern RegionTT5ford mustang81815402
Matt D.California - Northern RegionTT6Mazda Miata88
Will (.California - Northern RegionSpec MiataMazda Miata950292868
2S2305: SISUCalifornia - Northern RegionTT6Mazda Miata140292868
Daniel E.Northwest RegionSpec MiataMiata Race CarUnknown
Kendall (.California - Northern RegionSpec MiataMazada Miata72
John F.California - Northern RegionSpec MiataMazda Miata223650943
Adam F.California - Northern RegionSpec E46BMW 330CI451902818
John F.California - Northern RegionTT4BMW M3320783763
John F.California - Northern RegionSuper Touring 4BMW M3320783763
David G.California - Northern RegionTTUBMW M3005288641
Fabrice G.California - Northern RegionTT6Mazda SMT326059680
Darius G.Texas RegionSuper Touring 2Rush Auto Works SR11810847099
Paul G.California - Northern RegionSuper Touring 4Mercedes-Benz 190e1187545263
David G.California - Northern RegionSpec MiataMazda Miata113787698
Erik G.California - Northern RegionSuper Touring 2Rush RS8210396494
Brian G.California - Northern RegionThunderRoadster GTRThunder Roadster same371397878
Alan G.California - Northern RegionSpec MiataMazda Miata140365520
Alan G.California - Northern RegionSpec MiataMazda Miata140365520
Rolf H.California - Northern RegionSpec E46BMW 330ci58TX 11901181
2S1407: Team Prieto/HalabyCalifornia - Northern RegionSpec MiataMazda Miata23
Robert H.California - Northern RegionTT3Nissan 350Z097190729
Daniel H.California - Northern RegionSpec E30BMW 325is568577982
Robert H.California - Northern RegionTTUSTOCK CAR FUZION82
Justin H.California - Northern RegionSpec MiataMazda Miata113
2S2513: Team RAmotorsportsCalifornia - Northern RegionSpec MiataMazda Miata354176612
2S2513: Team RAmotorsportsCalifornia - Northern RegionSuper Touring 6Mazda Miata354176612
Richard H.California - Northern RegionSuper UnlimitedRadical SR1051suTX2443510
Andrew H.California - Northern RegionSpec MiataMazda Miata445841124
Andrew H.Texas RegionSuper Touring 2Rush SR512
Blair H.Texas RegionSuper Touring 2Rush SR'082365874
Tom H.California - Northern RegionSuper Touring 4Mazda Miata103
Tom H.California - Northern RegionTT4Mazda Miata103
Dan J.California - Northern RegionSpec Miatamazda miata597887130
2S1721: Legacy Motorworks PJCalifornia - Southern RegionSpec E46BMW 330ci5811901181
2S1721: Legacy Motorworks PJCalifornia - Southern RegionSpec E46BMW 330ci477150135
Svilen K.California - Northern RegionSuper Touring 4BMW M240i1224330677
2S2742: DivebombersCalifornia - Northern RegionTT5Toyota MR21214961380
Stephen K.California - Northern RegionSpec MiataMazda Miata00911672759
Sam K.California - Southern RegionSuper Touring 2Rush SR15313279329
George K.California - Northern RegionSuper Touring 4Mazda Miata2015420603
2S1828: LaBouff RacingCalifornia - Northern RegionSpec MiataMazda Miata041002999
2S1828: LaBouff RacingCalifornia - Northern RegionSuper Touring 4BMW M3502242200
Robert L.California - Northern RegionTT6Mazda Miata04
Ethan L.California - Northern RegionSpec MiataMazda Miata950150204
Edward L.California - Northern RegionTT6Mazda Miata1
Eduardo L.California - Northern RegionTT6Mazda Miata22307027
2S2531: Team Werkshop 2023California - Northern RegionTT5Honda S20008956241
2S2531: Team Werkshop 2023California - Northern RegionTT6Mazda Miata2212349988
John L.Texas RegionSuper Touring 2Rush SR51215533023
Fiona L.California - Northern RegionTT4BMW M395
Sean L.California - Northern RegionSpec E46BMW E46378065961
Richard L.California - Northern RegionSpec MiataMazda Miata631702446
David M.California - Northern RegionSpec MiataMazda Miata473664645
Casey M.California - Northern RegionSpec E46BMW 330ci6152228545
Ian M.California - Northern RegionSuper Touring 4BMW M32561129342
Stephen M.California - Northern RegionSpec MiataMazda Miata280579716
Stephen M.California - Northern RegionSuper Touring 6Mazda Miata280579716
Mark M.California - Northern RegionSuper Touring 4Lexus IS300215386914
Bennett M.California - Northern RegionSpec E46BMW 330i174920223
Kyle M.Arizona RegionSuper Touring 2Rush SR35
Milas M.California - Northern RegionSpec MiataMazda Miata557008792
2S2484: I/O Port Racing SuppliesCalifornia - Northern RegionSpec E46BMW 330CI251439277
Kazuyuki N.California - Northern RegionTTUACURA NSX Type S8212933528
John P.Northwest RegionSuper Touring 2Rush Auto Works RUSH SR177
Amit P.California - Southern RegionSuper Touring 2RUSH SR7510400833
Travis P.California - Northern RegionSpec MiataMazda Miata205815380
Travis P.California - Northern RegionSuper Touring 2Mazda Miata205815380
Aravind P.Northeast RegionSuper Touring 5BMW E36 325i11203825556
Andres P.California - Northern RegionSpec MiataMazda Miata26461324
Aravind R.California - Northern RegionSpec MiataMazda Miata209042391
Sonny R.California - Northern RegionSpec MiataMazda Miata108376682
Matt R.California - Northern RegionSpec E46BMW 330CI1212314520
Colton R.California - Northern RegionSpec E30Mazda Miata77
Jacques R.California - Southern RegionSpec E30BMW 325I482775682
William R.California - Northern RegionTT6Mazda Miata331474088
Kabriel R.California - Northern RegionSuper Touring 2RUSH SR7614526223
Kyle S.California - Northern RegionSpec MiataMazda Miata9838832
Michael S.California - Southern RegionSuper Touring 2Rush SR28173202
Tony S.California - Northern RegionSpec MiataMazda Miata511670550
Bryan S.California - Northern RegionSpec E46Bmw 325124735876
Bryan S.California - Northern RegionSpec E30Bmw 325124735876
Thomas S.California - Northern RegionSuper Touring 5Mazda Miata691705725
Thomas S.California - Northern RegionSuper Touring 5Mazda Miata691705725
Sat S.California - Northern RegionTTUBMW M3126076943
Dan S.California - Northern RegionSpec MiataMazda Miata1671175342
Jeffrey S.California - Northern RegionSpec E46BMW 330i6166015401
Christian S.California - Northern RegionSpec E46BMW 330i Spec E46966342686
Matteo S.California - Northern RegionSpec MiataMazda Miata1581365248
Chip S.California - Northern RegionTT6Mazda Miata spec594118924
Matthew S.California - Northern RegionTT6Mazda Miata746837579
Eric T.California - Northern RegionSpec MiataMazda Miata 33X8857238
Eric T.California - Northern RegionSuper Touring 6Mazda Miata 33X8857238
Cameron T.California - Northern RegionSpec MiataMazda Miata39
Scott T.California - Northern RegionSpec MiataMazda Miata71
Alex T.California - Northern RegionSpec MiataMazda Miata123
Alex T.California - Northern RegionTT1Mazda Miata123
2S1039: Team ST EDGE MVCalifornia - Northern RegionTT3BMW M3380503438
2S1039: Team ST EDGE MVCalifornia - Northern RegionSuper Touring 4BMW M3380503438
Joshua W.California - Northern RegionTTUBMW 328i77
Jim W.California - Northern RegionTTUVc Lm25040896
Kirk W.California - Northern RegionTT6Mazda Miata1198983605
2S743: Team 99 Winne Racing (S)California - Northern RegionSpec E46BMW 330ci996956733
Ben W.California - Northern RegionSpec E30BMW 325is426844075
Thomas W.California - Northern RegionMastersLegends Ford Sedan712372059
Matthew W.California - Northern RegionSpec MiataMazda Miata64720579
John Y.Great Lakes RegionTT3Nissan 350Z65
Kaleb Y.California - Northern RegionSuper Touring 4nissan 350z065
Daniel Y.California - Northern RegionSpec E46BMW 330ci28X5985788
Jared Z.California - Northern RegionSpec E46Bmw 330ci1615411521
Raymond Z.California - Northern RegionSpec E30BMW 32584101175