Event #4186: Jan 28th, 2023

4 hour TREC / Endurance Race

Event Information

Date: Jan 28th, 2023

Track Name: Podium Club at Attesa

Configuration: Full Course - CCW


If you're reading this page, we are hopeful you all are as excited to run this race as we are to put it on!

* This will be a Team Racing Endurance Challenge (TREC) Race and will be ran per the NASA TREC rules - https://members.drivenasa.com/rules/trec_rules.pdf

* Please read these carefully as it answers many questions on eligibility for drivers and vehicles (NOTE: Many cars are not eligible - Ex: SU & ST1)

* The event will have an open practice session for all drivers registered for the entire morning followed by a short qualifying session before the lunch break. The afternoon will be the 4 hour endurance race. We will have a "social hour" and awards after.

* The track will also have a Friday practice day available for drivers registered for the event (for an additional cost)

* The "TREC - Vehicle Registration" needs to be done first and will be where teams will declare what their team name will be. Once this is completed, ALL drivers including the person who registered the vehicle needs to also register as drivers under the "TREC - Driver Registration" line item.

* It was previously announced that drivers did NOT need any license to drive if they were running in TREC1-4 classes on 180 treadwear street tires but on Dec 21, 2022 the 2023 rules came out and this has changed. Any driver that does not already have a NASA Competition, Time Trial or Instructor License needs to purchase a TREC license.

* The minimum driving experience starts for a TREC License is intermediate or HPDE3 experience. Please reach out to Tage@nasaaz.com to confirm eligibility.

* Cars/Teams in the Unlimited class per TREC rules are not scored or receive a trophy (see Section 4 for more classing details) but we will award a single trophy for the overall winner.

* Drivers looking to run on a team with an Unlimited class car will need to provide proof of previous race experience and/or advanced level driving skills

* All cars must pass NASA Race Car Annual Tech (Rollcage, fire system, etc.) per Section 15 of the CCRs - https://members.drivenasa.com/rules/ccr.pdf

* All drivers must have full race group gear (Ex: Suit, HANS or similar, SA2015 or newer helmet, etc.) - more details in 15.17.* in CCRs


There will not be food service on Fri. Please Plan accordingly

There will not be food service on Sat morning but the track will be ordering boxed lunches for Sat and then NASA will be putting on a BBQ on Sat night.

High Level Draft Schedule

Fri: Gates open 8AM-5PM - Practice Day (only available to those registered for the Sat race) - $150 all day / $100 afternoon only NOTE: PC members as registered racers are free

Sat: Gates open 8AM-8PM

Open Track Practice 8:30-11AM / Annual Tech Inspection also open - car only need to complete prior to the "race"

Qualifying 11-11:20 (NOTE: Whichever driver will *START* the race should do this session to determine a logical and non-chaotic starting order)

Drivers Meeting 11:30AM (provide est. avg lap times for each driver and the Race Director will make class adjustments based on that)

4 hour TREC Race 12-4PM

Sat 5:00-7:00PM (Awards, BBQ & Social Hour)

Registration is closed for this event!