Event #4211: Apr 1st - 2nd, 2023

Out Motorsports Rainbow Road Rallycross #1

Event Information

Date: Apr 1st - 2nd, 2023

Track Name: Summit Point Motorsports Park

Configuration: Rallycross #1

Direction: Rallycross #1

You asked for rallycross and you finally get rallycross! Summit Point’s rallycross circuit is open again and we’re here for it! Join us on April 1 & 2, 2023 for two days of competition in the dirt. Bring your daily driver, bring your prepped rallycross car, or bring a Queen Of The Rental Fleet that cost you $2,000 or less to buy and prepare.

Out Motorsports is an enthusiast organization that celebrates and encourages LGBT+ participation in motorsport. If you are part of the LGBT+ family or consider yourself a supporter slash ally of ours, we cannot wait to have you join us! If you’re a bigot who thinks this is all very silly, or worse, we invite you to sign up for events that are not this one.


IMPORTANT: you will need to list your car's class in the "Transponder Number" field when you register!

Competition cars will be split into the following classes. “Stock” and “Modified” classes will be further split based on factory-rated horsepower or, as needed, a dyno chart for modified vehicles. Based on 2022 event feedback, drive wheels will not be considered for 2023 classing. Horsepower split for non-Challenge cars will occur at 200 HP. You need to list this class in your car's "Transponder Number" field when you register. The classes are:

S1 - Stock under 200 HP

S2 - Stock 200 HP and above

M1 - Modified under 200 HP

M2 - Modified 200 HP and above


CH1 - Challenge: Subcompact

CH2 - Challenge: Compact

CH3 - Challenge: Intermediate

CH4 - Challenge: Standard

CH5 - Challenge: Full Size

CH6 - Challenge: Premium

CH7 - Challenge: Luxury

CH8 - Challenge: Dream Collection

CH9 - Challenge: Compact Crossover

CH10 - Challenge: Midsize Crossover

CH11 - Challenge: Minivan

All drivers must be age 18+ with a valid drivers license. Please visit the Out Motorsports event page here for schedule, cancellation policy, and much more info. See you there!

Registration is closed for this event!