Event #4411: May 4th - 5th, 2024


Event Information

Date: May 4th - 5th, 2024

Track Name: Inde Motorsports Ranch

Configuration: Config 5 CW (Sat) / Config 4 CW (Sun)

Direction: Config 5 CW (Sat) / Config 4 CW (Sun)



  • HPDE1 (Beginner) - Classroom + 1x1 instructor passing only on main straights (instructor assigned to each student)
  • HPDE2 (Novice) - Similar to HPDE1 but (no instructor required) 
  • HPDE3 (Intermediate) - Passing limited 
  • HPDE4 (Advanced) - Open passing with courtesy 
  • Time Attack @ $30 - This will provide competitors (in HPDE3 or above) with a transponder rental and a near open track for 2 hot laps. Only the fastest lap counts. NOTE: Must be combined with HPDE3, HPDE4, TT or Race Group. 
  • Time Attack @ $20 - Same as above but this is for entrants who do not need a transponder to run in the TA. (For HPDE3 drivers and above)  
  • Time Trial - Drivers compete for fastest lap time. NOTE: This group requires a NASA Time Trial or Competition license to compete in. 
  • SupersizeTT - For Race Group drivers looking to also compete in Time Trial. NOTE: This option is ONLY good with a "2 day" paid "RACE" pre-registration. 
  • SupersizeHPDE - For Race Group or TT drivers looking for an additional seat time. NOTE: This option is ONLY good with a "2 day" paid "RACE" or "TIME TRIAL" pre-registration. 
  • Transponder Rental - Only available for Time Trial and Race Group. HPDE groups do not get timed! There are no refunds if you rent a transponder in HPDE. 
  • Tech Inspection - This option is ONLY for RACE group participants only that require an ONSITE annual tech inspection. Annual race inspections are available for free at any of the authorized shops if scheduled ahead of time. If your schedule does not allow for this, we can accommodate a limited number of onsite inspections if registered ahead of time for planning purposes. $20 if car has previous year logbook and tech sticker $40 if car does not have previous NASA logbook or lost logbook.
  • VENDOR - No cost to register, we simply have this option so we can preplan out the paddock and take care of any needed logistics ahead of time. We can also help communicate your services at the event in our email blasts to our members if you take the time to pre-register. Thx! *Chuckwalla has onsite photography*


Any registrations after 8pm on 5/1/24 on Thur or Fri will be charged a $25 late fee if we can still get you registered over the phone. Any registration at the track will be a $50 late fee.


Inde Motorsports Ranch


9301 W Airport Rd

Willcox, AZ 85643

(520) 384-0796

Fri Practice/Test day

There will be a practice day available for $200 (per car) from 12-5PM. Reg will be done directly through IMR. Reg here -->


PRE-Event and Paddock Setup

The main paddock area is expected to be full and then some with folks overflowing. Please park close and as efficient as possible to allow the max number of folks to be in the main paddock area and close to the action. NOTE: The skidpad can be used as an overflow paddock option. It has TONS of space with no restrictions on how much space you want to use.


Thu: Not available for setup

Fri: 6am - 11pm

Sat: 6am - 11pm

Sun: 6am - 1pm

Gate RV/Camping Fees (charged by INDE, not NASA)

Dry Camping - $20 per night 

Electric camping spots - $80 per night NOTE: You need to call IMR to reserve electric spots. 877-545-3874 ext 3


Anyone entering the facility will need to sign the INDE Track Waiver. NASA also needs an original copy of signed NASA Waiver. All drivers MUST sign BOTH to get on track. Anyone else must show proof (i.e. Wristband/s) that they signed at least one of them to be on the property. If you do not sign the NASA Waiver, please see Driver Info prior to the Sat morning 7:30AM Drivers Meeting to get that taken care of.

Driver Info / Registration

  • Will be located in the main paddock area near the entrance/exit (look for the "NASA AZ" feather flag on top of the 48' white gooseneck trailer)
  • Forgot to print a tech form or track map or something else similar? Look in the small black plastic file cabinet sitting on the Driver Info table labeled "Self Serve Forms", it probably has what you need
  • Looking for a printed schedule? There is a small white plastic cabinet sitting on the Driver Info table labeled "Schedules"
  • HPDE1 should “check in” with registration. All other groups will receive their "Driver" wristband from their respective Group Leader directly after the Drivers Meetin


All participants should be aware of the NASA Club Codes & Regulations found here (http://nasaproracing.com/rules/ccr.pdf)

All participants should also be aware of the NASA Arizona region specific Supplemental Rules found here (https://nasaaz.com/nasa-arizona-supplemental-rules/)

“What time do I need to show up?”

This is the #1 question we are asked, especially by the folks new to NASA. See the event schedule (below or attached) for exact times but we recommend ~1 hour prior to the drivers meeting (@ 7:30AM) to allow enough time to find a spot, check in with Driver Info (if you’re HPDE1) and get your car through tech and any other last min items before the drivers meeting.

Tech Inspection

All HPDE cars require an onsite tech inspection prior to being allowed on track (1 tech inspection is good for both days). HPDE participants should print and fill out the "HPDE Tech" Form prior to arriving to tech. Race group & Time Trial competitors will use the “Annual Race Car” Tech forms if they haven’t already done their annual inspection. Forms can be found @ Forms - NASA (drivenasa.com)

Race car annual "renewals" can be done onsite for a fee of $20 (via pre-reg or cash onsite). Race cars without a logbook are highly encouraged to get their first tech inspection done offsite at a shop so that there is an opportunity to fix any found not in compliance. If a safety item is identified onsite, you may not be able to drive.

NOTE: Annual Tech may will be available on Fri afternoon (hours TBD) and all day Sat & Sun.

Drivers Meetings / Downloads

The Sat AM drivers meeting is mandatory for ALL drivers, instructors, officials/admin. All other meeting times and locations will be announced by your respective Group Leader directly after the drivers meeting.

Flag Knowledge

It is all drivers responsibility to have all flags memorized as this is how our safety flagging officials primarily communicate with you as a driver. If you need a refresher, grab a Flag FAQ sheet from the "Self Serve Forms" file cabinet located at Driver Info. Please note a few details about flags which are specific to NASA Arizona:

  • White Flag (waving) - @ S/F for HPDE4 indicating the session will end soon (i.e. last lap or close to it). This is done so that participants who signed up also for Time Trial are not late to Grid for sessions which could be back to back
  • Black flag w/ white X - this will be displayed for competition sessions indicating your transponder is no working
  • Red flag - follow standard definition to stop but in addition to that we ask that when you stop, you do so on the right side of the track
  • Electronics Lights - we may use these, more directions & info will be given during the Sat and/or Sun AM drivers meeting

Rental Helmets

Rental helmets are available @ $20/day which will be available for registered drivers first. Helmet rentals for passengers will be on a 1st come 1st served basis after the Drivers Meeting.

Sat Night BBQ

We will have a "Cinco de Mayo" themed dinner and drinks once the track goes cold on Sat night. The Missus will have her famous "games" to keep everyone entertained.


Looking to take a passenger along for a ride on track? No problem but there's a few more steps required:

1. Passengers need to be 18 (with photo ID proof of age)

2. Passengers are only allowed in HPDE3, HPDE4 or Time Trial

3. Passengers are required to sign the "Passenger Waiver" (in addition to the general "Gate Waiver")

4. Pay the $20 fee

Transponder Rentals

• Need to be checked out at Driver Info

• Need to be returned to registration within 30 mins of your final session to avoid a late fee

• Time Attack competitors: If you rented a transponder for your TA session, it is only available for your TA laps. If you need a transponder for TT or Race group you will be required to pay for a rental.

Timing and Scoring

Hardcopy results will be posted on the sign easels at Driver Info. They can also be found online:

• Live (real time & archived) T&S @ https://racehero.io/events

• Provisional & Official Results @ Results - National Auto Sport Association (drivenasa.com)

Race & TT Classing

All ST & TT competitors are expected to publicly post/declare their classing on the NASA Super Touring website --> Super Touring - National Auto Sport Association (drivenasa.com)

(Scroll down to the "Resources" section and click "Compliance Database")

Handwashing Station

We will have a small table setup with Fast Orange and water next to the 48' NASA gooseneck trailer.


The club provides drinks for staff & volunteers. These same drinks (water & soda) is also available to participants and guests using the small Black self serve cash box directly in front of the cooler(s).


Food Service

  • INDE will have their snack bar menu available for lunch both days

Safety Equipment: We Don't Lift (WDL)

Safety Solutions will be onsite to provide our registrants with access to high quality driver safety products as well as accessories for your racecar! Helmets, gloves and shoes are available for fitting. HANS devices available for HPDE Rental (with CC on file). Please email any specific requests ahead of time via sales@wedontlift.com and follow us on Instragram (https://www.instagram.com/wedontlift/) and Facebook (http://www.facebook.com/weddontlift)! Please stop by and say hi to them at their trailer next to registration!

Photography - Elevated Trackside

Will be providing trackside photography for the event. Visit elevatedtrackside.com/nasaaz for full details including pre-ordering your digital pictures. After the event all photos will be available to view and purchase as digital downloads, or prints on events.elevatedtrackside.com Stop by their tent by registration to say hi, hang out in the shade, check out sample prints, and ask any questions. Need something before the event? Email them at info@elevatedtrackside.com or message @elevatedtrackside on Facebook and Instagram.


Tom from Twisted Priorities will be onsite who can create custom graphics and magnetic decals and car numbers for your ride! You can contact him in advance for pre-orders:

Tom Barnes <photography@twistedpriorities.com> or 602.908.4006

NOTE: Tom plans to come on Sat only.


Sold directly by IMR

  • 100 oct - $10.50/gal
  • 91 oct - $7.05/gal

NOTE: We also encourage all participants to check out https://dillpetroleum.com/racing/ for a list of distributors for all your fuel needs.

Tire Service

NASA Arizona will have tire service available.

·        $10 – dismount

·        $10 – mount

·        $10 – balance

·        $5 – tire disposal (this will be $0 if the track will take our scrubs)

  NOTE: Air is free and is self serve via the air-chuck located near the front of the NASA AZ gooseneck trailer.

INDE Specific Paddock Regulations:

• DO NOT block garages

• ALL children must be accompanied by an adult at ALL times.

• ALL children MAY NOT operate golf carts, EV bikes or skateboards- No


• Pets are always welcome and must be on a leash at all times, please clean up

after your pet.

• Paddock speed limit is 10mph anyone exceeding that will be asked to leave.

• Use of car jacks, jack stands, RV leveling, or kick stands permitted only when

properly protecting asphalt.

• Please take empty fuel tanks, propane tanks, broken parts ect home with you.

Overnight stays with RV or Tent:

• Overnight camping fee must be paid to main office before setting up

• Quiet time between 8pm-7:30am *this includes generators and loud music*

• No open fires or fire works

• No tent pegs in pavement

• No drifting or burn outs in upper paddock

Track walks:

• Track walks after 6pm are always permitted

• You may walk, run, or use a bicycle. NO golf carts, scooters, or motorized

vehicles of any kind permitted. You will be fined or removed from the facility if

you break this rule. NO exceptions.

Weekend Schedule

Registration is closed for this event!