Event #4474: Nov 9th - 10th, 2024

Fall Finale [HPDE/TT Only]

Event Information

Date: Nov 9th - 10th, 2024

Track Name: Summit Point Motorsports Park

Configuration: Road Course

Direction: 2.0 mile, 10 turn SPR circuit

Registration is OPEN!

Please email Jon Felton jfelton@nasaracing.net (not a Cobetto!) for all Fall Finale concerns.

Here's the event info page w/schedule, entry list, info docs, driver details email, etc: [insert link here]


Hello and welcome. You have found the info & pre-registration page for NASA-MA's 16th annual season ending "Fall Finale" on Summit Point's legendary 2-mile main circuit! There is no racing scheduled but we are offering HPDE1-2-3-4 and TT! This weekend is dedicated to the memory of NASA-MA instructor and TT'er Cale Kastanek. 

Back again as a sponsor for this year's event is Mach V Motorsports. Mach V has recognized for years that what they learn on the track directly enhances the service that they can offer their clients. NASA racers in the Washington DC area use Mach V's dyno for tuning and for certifying horsepower and Mach V can help with just about any need for the street or track. They specialize in Subaru cars, but also are experienced with Mitsubishi, BMW, MINI, Porsche, and more. Find out more about Mach V at http://www.machv.com or visit them in person at 45690 Elmwood Court Suite 170, Sterling VA 20166, or call them at (571) 434-8333.

Run groups/driver requirements explained:

HPDE1- beginner to novice drivers (est 0 to 5 HPDE days); instructor & classroom provided; restricted passing with a point-by

HPDE2- novice to intermediate drivers (est 5 to 10 HPDE days); check ride or solo; restricted passing with a point-by

HPDE3- intermediate to advanced drivers (est 10 to 20+ HPDE days); check ride or solo; passing anywhere with a point-by

HPDE4- advanced/expert drivers, licensed racers, and instructors (est 25+ HPDE days); check ride or solo; full open passing

^^^ if you are not a beginner/novice but have not run with us before, please send a track driving resume to jfelton@nasaracing.net for HPDE2/3/4/TT/Instructor approval BEFORE REGISTERING.

Qualifications, experience, and licensing as necessary will be verified for all entrants in HPDE2, HPDE3, HPDE4, and TT. Please make sure the event history in your NASA profile is updated and current. You may be moved to a run group "below" your usual one, or automatically need a check ride, if there is no driving history or information in your profile. If you have any questions about which group you should be in, please email Jon Felton before you register. If your run group is shown as full below, please sign up on the waiting list below instead.

Convertible cars at this event should have at least a 4-point full width rollbar to be allowed on track during all activities at speed. A specific list of convertibles may be allowed with factory roll hoops. Please contact Jon Felton ASAP - before registering - if you plan to register any convertible without a 4-point rollbar.

Racers: You are welcome to enter TT or HPDE4 or HPDE3. You must have a transponder and a current NASA competition license to run TT. You may sign up to instruct and run in HPDE4 or TT if you are NASA instructor certified or equivalent. 

Time Trialers: You must have a transponder and a current NASA competition license or TT license for this TT championship points weekend. A limited number of rental transponders are available in advance, please rent one when you sign up to be guaranteed a transponder - we cannot guarantee that rentals will be available at the event if not arranged in advance. Also please be sure to complete all blanks when you register below including transponder number if you're not renting one. If you do not submit the info with your entry or you do not get the info to us before online registration closes, you will be charged $25 at the track. Note: If we do not get the minimum required number of Time Trialers registered for this event by a week prior, all TT entries will be moved to HPDE4 and the time we would've used for all timed sessions on the schedule will be split equally among the HPDE groups. 

Instructors: You must be NASA certified or provisionally approved in advance. If you want to run in HPDE4 please choose Instructor->HPDE4. If you want to run in TT please choose Instructor->Instructor AND then also register separately in "Instructor TT" below. You must have a transponder and a current NASA instructor license and current TT license or competition license to run in TT. 

HPDE3 Advanced drivers: Advanced, solo, passing anywhere with a point-by. The most advanced of you (i.e. at least 5-6 verifiable weekends in NASA-MA HPDE3 specifically at Summit Point specifically) may choose to run in HPDE4 with the instructors instead for the same entry fee, please contact Jon Felton for clearance. NASA competition licensed racers looking for test&tune time may also register directly for HPDE4 below instead of HPDE3. 

HPDE1 Novice drivers & HPDE2 Intermediate drivers: Instructed, limited passing (on designated straightaways with a point-by.) You are automatically assigned an instructor so please do not choose the instructor option below. HPDE 3 Advanced drivers are not assigned instructors. Those with HPDE2 Solo experience (i.e. previously cleared by Laura Cobetto) please note this in the "additional comments" box when you register.

Touring laps may tentatively be offered during lunchtime on one or both days for a minimum donation of $20 per car. This is a low speed lapping session behind a pace car (no passing, no helmets.) Anyone on premises is welcome in any car or truck as long as there is a seat belt for each occupant. Touring lap proceeds will be donated, TBA.

After you register for any group (not waiting list) shown below, you will immediately receive a confirmation receipt by e-mail. 7-10 days before the event, you will receive further instructions for the event via email, these instructions will also be posted at www.nasaracing.net (along with the weekend schedule, entry list, etc.) All early registration discounts will end by Nov 1st (or whenever a group goes to waiting list status) so please sign up well in advance to save money!

A limited number of Saturday-only entries may be available below to known safe participants in various solo groups, please email jfelton@nasaracing.net for approval. If you are new to this or new to us you must run both days for evaluation – regardless of experience or skill level, one day entries will not be accepted if you have not run with NASA-MA before. You will also need to register for both days if it is your first weekend in a higher run group, if you need a check ride for whatever reason, or plan to move to a higher run group - so you can be observed and evaluated properly. 

All drivers on track are responsible for any track damage that is the result of their actions on or off the track and will be financially responsible for repair/replacement of damaged track property.

******CANCELLATION/REFUND POLICY FOR THIS EVENT SPECIFICALLY IS AS FOLLOWS: Full credit valid for 365 days or refund less $100.00 processing fee, with written notice at least 10 days prior to the start of the event (i.e. by midnight the Tuesday a week and a half prior), otherwise no refunds or credits. Once the car goes on track all fees are non refundable and not eligible for credits. Waiting list entries are only eligible for credits. Sorry no exceptions. Please give notice to Jon Felton, jfelton@nasaracing.net******

If you are not a beginner/novice but have not run with us before, please send a track driving resume to jfelton@nasaracing.net for HPDE2/3/4/TT/Instructor approval BEFORE REGISTERING.

Please contact Fall Finale event director Jon Felton (not a Cobetto!) with all questions and concerns related to this event: jfelton@nasaracing.net

2 Days


HPDE1 Novice entry w/instructor & classroom

2 Days


HPDE2 Intermediate entry w/instr (or solo if approved) & classroom

2 Days


HPDE3 Advanced solo entry w/classroom (requires significant hpde experience)

2 Days


HPDE4 Expert solo entry (requires license or extensive hpde experience)

2 Days


Instructor entry in HPDE4 or TT (instructor license/certification/approval required)

2 Days


Instructor entry in Time Trial (instructor license & TT or comp license required)

2 Days


Time Trial competition entry (TT or race licensed drivers only)