Event #4477: Mar 23rd - 24th, 2024

Motor Madness: Racing/TT/HPDE/Comp School

Event Information

Date: Mar 23rd - 24th, 2024

Track Name: Willow Springs International Raceway

Configuration: Big Willow (2.5 mile road course)


Online Registration is discounted up to 2 weeks prior to the event. Prices for the Race and TT groups will increase by $50 two weeks prior to the event. Fees are $100 higher than online price when entering at the track!

Note- The schedule won't be released until adequate entries can determine run groups. An event confirmation email will be sent 2 days prior to the event.

Important Dates

3/8/2024 Discounted registration for Race/TT ends.

3/9/2024 Rate for Race/TT entries increase by $50.

3/20/2024 Online registration closes.


Ready to go wheel-to-wheel racing? Take this class to get your provisional license. You will learn the nuances of "race craft" to make you comfortable with starts, resumptions, various flag conditions, and what to do when a safety car is on track. You end the weekend with a few practice race starts so you are ready for your first real race upon graduation. Note- Must be HPDE 4 level driver to enroll. Send driving history to fooshe@aol.com after enrollment.


All HPDE classes (1-4) on Saturday and Sunday.

ALL participants in the HPDE4/TT run group are REQUIRED to have a transponder. Also, All drivers registering for HPDE4/TT must be pre-approved by the group leader prior to the event. If you have not participated in NASA SoCal HPDE4/TT within the last two years and do not have a NASA Competition racing or TT license, you MUST e-mail socal@drivenasa.com for screening and approval.

PLEASE NOTE TRANSPONDER RENTAL POLICY: Unfortunately, due to 25% of rented transponders not being returned, we have been forced to implement a $50 penalty on transponders that are not returned to Registration on Sunday, 30 minutes after the last session. On Monday morning, anyone who has a missing transponder will be charged $50 to their credit card on file. If the transponder is not returned to NASA SoCal (see Contacts page for address) by the Wednesday after the event, a replacement fee of $400 will be charged.

Also please note that transponders are not rented to HPDE1 and 2 groups as they are not timed but are REQUIRED in HPDE4/TT. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Tech Reminder (Race Group)..... TECH will open Friday 2-5:30PM, Sat/Sun @ 7AM


Season Renewal (with valid tech from previous year)- $30.00

Initial Certification w/ Logbook- $40.00

HPDE Tech (At Track)

$5.00 cash only*

Eligibility and Licensing Requirements

HPDE Intro, HPDE 1: Valid, state-issued drivers' license.

HPDE 2-4: HPDE passport check or instructor approval.

Time Trial (TT): NASA TT license, NASA Competition License, or approval from series leader. Contact John Magnuson,

Racing (sprint and endurance): NASA Competition License

Supersize ST: You must be registered to race in order to supersize your entry.


Required: Racing, Time Trial

Optional: HPDE 3-4

None: HPDE 1-2 (These sessions are not timed.)

HPDE 1 is FULL.... we will not be able to accept registrations at track for this class.

Registration is closed for this event!