Event #4559: Nov 30th, 2024

Car number reservation

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Date: Nov 30th, 2024

Track Name: - NONE



2024 Number Application: NASA Mid-Atlantic



NASA Mid Atlantic has a voluntary system that allows Racers and Time Trial Drivers to reserve their car number for 2024 events hosted by NASA Mid-Atlantic. HPDE drivers are unable to reserve car numbers at this time and those numbers are given on a first registered basis. 

If you have previously had a number reserved, you will get first preference as long as you register for the number online by March 12. You may see the list at this link: http://tinyurl.com/hefb4f9

To apply for your number, Racers and TT drivers please register below. Before you register, update your NASA online profile to make sure your car information is correct with transponder number. Please delete any duplicates or cars you no longer have, and please make sure your transponder number is listed with the correct car. Then proceed to the registration page. Select the correct car and be sure and put in the "Additional Info or Comments" section your first three choices of car numbers separated by commas. The "Additional Info or Comments" section is on the last page of registration that is titled "Review Purchases". 

In order to have your reserved number for an event, you must pre-register for your track event by Monday 6PM the week of the event at which you wish to participate.  If you register after that time we cannot guarantee you will have that number because the last driver list will be published and confirmed to drivers by that time. This system is only valid for NASA Mid-Atlantic 2024 events and your number will not be a reserved number for events hosted by other regions. 

Remember that this is not mandatory. If you want a reserved number you can have it by registering for it below and by preregistering for the event in which you are interested. If you don't mind taking the chance of potentially having to change your number you don't have to reserve the number.    

SWING CLASSES: There are classes that we refer to as “Swing Classes.” NASA Mid Atlantic normally has two race groups scheduled called Thunder and Lightning. While most classes have a home in one of these groups, “Swing Classes” can find themselves in either Thunder or Lightning based upon overall event participation. For example if Thunder is very full NASA MA may “swing” SpecE46 from Thunder to Lightning for that weekend even though the default race group for SE46 is Thunder.  Other “Swing Classes” are GTS2, Honda Challenge 1/2.   Those that purchase a reserved number need to be aware that we will make every best effort to maintain their number during a weekend in which a swing class gets swung but it is possible that they will be asked to change the number for that given weekend.



1 Day


List 3 choices in "additional info/comments section" Numbers can be no more than 3 digits.