Entry List for #3732: Jun 11th - 12th, 2022

Summer Shift: OttoFest, 4-hour WERC, Racing, TT, HPDE

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Auto Club Speedway

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DriverRegionClassCarCar #Tx #
jeff grayCalifornia - Southern RegionSuper Touring 2Audi RS3 LMS711003329
1E2232: Speed One MotorsportsCalifornia - Southern RegionESAudi RS3 LMS13513924289
1E1846: EDGE Motorworks #37California - Northern RegionE1BMW M3373216262
1E1641: InterMedia RacingCalifornia - Southern RegionESRLigier JS-5107
1E1261: Tazio Ottis RacingCalifornia - Northern RegionE0Honda Civic Type R76806402
Natalee WiebeCalifornia - Southern RegionGarageFord GT35037711959904
2S1891: Land Yacht RacingCalifornia - Southern RegionSuper Touring 4Infiniti G37s6614034410
Greg WiebeCalifornia - Southern RegionGarageNissan 370Z121
1E1889: Land Yacht RacingCalifornia - Southern RegionE1Infiniti G37s6614034410
2S1891: Land Yacht RacingCalifornia - Southern RegionTT4Infiniti G37s6614034410
Tom WiebeCalifornia - Southern RegionGarageInfiniti G37s6614034410
1E2227: SPG MotorsportsCalifornia - Northern RegionE2BMW M366
Nickolas WhitingCalifornia - Southern RegionGarageToyota Supra471
Peter WeschCalifornia - Southern RegionSpec MiataMazda Miata400539835
1E183: HQ Autosport (e)California - Southern RegionE2BMW 128i282319144
2S1693: HQ Autosport SE46 Sprint TeamCalifornia - Southern RegionSuper Touring 5BMW 128i282319144
Lucas WeisenbergCalifornia - Southern RegionGarageBMW 330ci4616460156
Lucas WeisenbergCalifornia - Southern RegionGarageBMW 330ci4616460156
Lucas WeisenbergCalifornia - Southern RegionSpec E46BMW 330ci4616460156
1E1633: Team Hemisphere EnduranceCalifornia - Southern RegionE1BMW M31819584992
1E2141: Lang Racing Development ES1California - Southern RegionESPorsche Gt3 Cup Car71012682258
1E2119: Palomar Racing WERCCalifornia - Southern RegionE2BMW 325i251348203
1E2218: Palomar Racing WERC2California - Southern RegionE1BMW M32411502735
Ralph WarrenCalifornia - Southern RegionGarageBMW M317x4629446
Ralph WarrenCalifornia - Southern RegionGarageBMW M317x4629446
Ralph WarrenCalifornia - Southern RegionSuper Touring 2BMW M317x4629446
Ralph WarrenCalifornia - Southern RegionGarageBMW M317x4629446
2S2113: Build My Wealth Racing sponored by MarketEdgeCalifornia - Southern RegionSpec E30BMW M3571755880
Marcelo VineCalifornia - Southern Region944 SpecPorsche 9449596299
1E2233: Aardvarc RacingCalifornia - Southern RegionE3Mazda Miata980224668
Roman VaismanCalifornia - Southern RegionGarageSaturn SC22679257
Roman VaismanCalifornia - Southern RegionTT6Saturn SC22679257
1E169: PMG Awareness (Enduro Team)Utah RegionESRPorsche GT3Cup291823347
Chad TrowerCalifornia - Southern RegionSpec E30BMW 3255568283451
Chad TrowerCalifornia - Southern RegionGarageBMW 3255568283451
2S1008: Team Ed SukchaiCalifornia - Southern RegionSpec E30BMW Spec E30665472889
2S337: Team Hemisphere RacingCalifornia - Southern RegionTT4BMW M31819584992
2S337: Team Hemisphere RacingCalifornia - Southern RegionSuper Touring 4BMW M31819584992
1E1459: Chill Motorsports by Strom California - Southern RegionESPorsche GT4 MR214428903
Sophia Storey (TMC)California - Southern RegionSpec MiataMazda Miata7877495615
1E1457: Steyn MotorsportsCalifornia - Northern RegionE0BMW M391X1172314
Nicholas StewartCalifornia - Southern RegionSpec MiataMazda Miata874140901
2S2115: Team Abuse of PowerCalifornia - Southern RegionSpec E46BMW 330CI980897258
Robert SreryCalifornia - Southern RegionSpec MiataMazda Miata10113499727
1E1686: Occupy Pit LaneCalifornia - Southern RegionE0Mazda Miata26589361
Jordan SiderisCalifornia - Southern Region944 SpecPorsche 944440605974
Jordan SiderisCalifornia - Southern RegionSuper Touring 6Porsche 944440605974
Ken ShearenCalifornia - Southern RegionGarageBMW M32113338318
Debby SharpCalifornia - Southern RegionTT6Porsche 944580375305
Charles SharpCalifornia - Southern Region944 SpecPorsche 944580375305
Greg Seth-HunterCalifornia - Southern RegionGarageFord GT35077616309606
Greg Seth-HunterCalifornia - Southern RegionTT1Ford GT35077616309606
Aaron SchwartzbartCalifornia - Southern RegionGaragePorsche 9143163570854
Aaron SchwartzbartCalifornia - Southern RegionGaragePorsche 9143163570854
1E2242: Drive SkillsCalifornia - Southern RegionE3Mazda Miata198566512
1E2242: Drive SkillsCalifornia - Southern RegionE3Mazda Miata193747154
Dillon SandidgeCalifornia - Southern RegionGarageDodge Challenger32
Pramesh RupareliaCalifornia - Southern RegionGarageToyota Celica185973091
2S2117: Palomar Racing - Blue 24 California - Southern RegionSuper Touring 5BMW 325i251348203
2S2118: Palomar Racing - Red 25California - Southern RegionSuper Touring 4BMW M32411502735
Nicholas RineyCalifornia - Southern RegionGarageMazda Miata60505113
Nicholas RineyCalifornia - Southern RegionSpec MiataMazda Miata60505113
Jim RichmondCalifornia - Southern Region944 SpecPorsche 944351176956
Lang Racing DevelopmentCalifornia - Southern RegionSuper UnlimitedNorma M20 FC'039521526
Lang Racing DevelopmentCalifornia - Southern RegionTTUNorma M20 FC'039521526
1E2132: Lang Racing Development ESR1California - Southern RegionESRNorma M20 FC'039521526
Lang Racing DevelopmentCalifornia - Southern RegionGarageNorma M20 FC'039521526
Paul QuattrocchiCalifornia - Southern RegionGarageBMW 128i282319144
Paul QuattrocchiCalifornia - Southern RegionGarageBMW 128i282319144
Paul QuattrocchiCalifornia - Southern RegionGarageBMW 128i282319144
1E1863: Team Jirafa/ Lang Racing Development California - Southern RegionE1BMW M37128789945
2S767: Team Rotary HeadsCalifornia - Southern RegionSuper Touring 5Mazda Miata602538881
Mark Polunin (TMC)California - Southern RegionSpec MiataSpec Miata08426552
2S1393: Team Shift Faced RacingCalifornia - Southern RegionSpec E46BMW 3304447720616
Derek PocorobaCalifornia - Southern RegionSpec E46BMW SE46231022411
Derek PocorobaCalifornia - Southern RegionGarageBMW SE46231022411
Vic PizzinoCalifornia - Southern RegionSuper Touring 2BMW E463339345
Jonnathan PerezCalifornia - Southern RegionTT5BMW M3191
Jonnathan PerezCalifornia - Southern RegionGarageBMW M3191
Thomas PauleCalifornia - Southern RegionGarageBMW M3571755880
Patrick PartinCalifornia - Southern RegionGarageFord Mustang GT490448814
Max PanchukCalifornia - Southern RegionGaragePorsche 9113311327451
Max PanchukCalifornia - Southern RegionSuper UnlimitedPorsche 9113311327451
Peter OneppoCalifornia - Southern RegionSpec E46BMW 330Ci450676450
Larry NobleCalifornia - Southern RegionSpec E46BMW 330 CI280630952
Larry NobleCalifornia - Southern RegionGarageBMW 330 CI280630952
Jason NietoCalifornia - Southern RegionGarageToyota Gr8696
John NiedernhoferCalifornia - Southern Region944 Specporsche 9442450063131
1E2134: Mark Francis RacingCalifornia - Southern RegionE2BMW 330271272325
1E2142: ARG MBOCalifornia - Northern RegionE0Honda Civic8211550052
Kevin MooreCalifornia - Northern RegionTT4BMW M3373216262
Jakob MillerCalifornia - Southern RegionSpec E30BMW 325i771740127
Mickey MillerCalifornia - Southern RegionSpec E30BMW E30884865367
Bob MichaelsCalifornia - Southern RegionSpec E30BMW 325963435065
Bob MichaelsCalifornia - Southern RegionGarageBMW 325963435065
Gagik aka Stan MegerdichianCalifornia - Southern RegionGaragePorsche 911 Turbo S77
Bryce McDanielCalifornia - Southern RegionGaragePorsche 944782077159
Bryce McDanielCalifornia - Southern Region944 SpecPorsche 944782077159
1E1864: Prototype Development GroupCalifornia - Southern RegionESRFFR GTM51340325
1E796: Team BMW Z4 (ST3)California - Northern RegionE0BMW Z4 M Coupe1753095795
Connor LydonCalifornia - Northern RegionSuper Touring 4BMW 325is3113848718
Mark LutonCalifornia - Southern RegionTT1Ford Mustang GT350R76815142112
Mark LutonCalifornia - Southern RegionGarageFord Mustang GT350R76815142112
Anthony LisaArizona RegionGaragePanoz GTS194015500
1E557: Patent It!California - Southern RegionESRPanoz GTS194015500
2S74: Troy LindstromCalifornia - Southern RegionSuper Touring 5BMW 330805135911
Troy LindstromCalifornia - Southern RegionGarageBMW 330805135911
1E1868: SRC SAMPSON RACING COMMUNICATIONSCalifornia - Southern RegionE2BMW 330805135911
Greg LaubeCalifornia - Southern RegionSuper Touring 2Audi RS3 LMS13513924289
Shek Fai Edgar LauCalifornia - Northern RegionGarageHonda Civic8211550052
Ethan Lampe (TMC)California - Southern RegionSpec MiataMazda Miata950150204
Ethan Lampe (TMC)California - Southern RegionGarageMazda Miata950150204
Alice KutsyyCalifornia - Northern RegionThunderRoadsterThunder Roadster854247
1E2158: Belladonna RacingCalifornia - Northern RegionE1Thunder Roadster854247
Vadim KutsyyCalifornia - Northern RegionSpec E30BMW E3027114818581
Max KoffCalifornia - Southern RegionGarageBMW M39613805817
Max KoffCalifornia - Southern RegionSuper Touring 4BMW M39613805817
Max KoffCalifornia - Southern RegionTT4BMW M39613805817
Faisal KhanGreat Lakes RegionGaragebmw m309
Faisal KhanGreat Lakes RegionGaragebmw m309
1E2235: Time Bandit'sCalifornia - Southern RegionE2BMW E3022
2S2239: The Time Bandit'sCalifornia - Southern RegionSuper Touring 5BMW E3022
Robert KahnCalifornia - Southern RegionGarageChevrolet Corvette354445932
Robert KahnCalifornia - Southern RegionSuper Touring 1Chevrolet Corvette354445932
Rob JonesCalifornia - Southern RegionTT3BMW M31817691675
Peter JonesCalifornia - Northern RegionGarageBMW 330ci5811901181
Rob JonesCalifornia - Southern RegionGarageBMW M31817691675
Kurt JohnsonCalifornia - Southern RegionSpec E30BMW E30636809032
Kurt JohnsonCalifornia - Southern RegionGarageBMW E30636809032
Eirik HolmCalifornia - Southern RegionSuper Touring 5BMW 330Ci9204313086
Eirik HolmCalifornia - Southern RegionSpec E46BMW 330Ci9204313086
Eirik HolmCalifornia - Southern RegionGarageBMW 330Ci9204313086
Mike HollandCalifornia - Northern RegionGarageFFR GTM51340325
Michael HilloCalifornia - Southern RegionSuper Touring 4Nissan 350z22410372058
Taly HillCalifornia - Southern RegionGarageBmw M323
Chris HillCalifornia - Southern RegionGaragePorsche GT4 MR214428903
Cooper Hicks (TMC)California - Southern RegionSpec MiataMazda Miata861783267
2S1067: Double TroubleCalifornia - Southern RegionHonda Chal 4Acura Integra282684181
Juliette HadjesCalifornia - Southern RegionTTUFord Mustang Gt42713515881
Tom HaackerCalifornia - Southern RegionGaragePorsche GT3Cup291823347
Tom HaackerCalifornia - Southern RegionSuper UnlimitedPorsche GT3Cup291823347
Richard GrayCalifornia - Southern RegionSuper Touring 1Mazda Elan NP01101947262
1E1902: Black Swan Race JuiceCalifornia - Southern RegionE3SBMW Spec E30623714213
Pat GarrettCalifornia - Southern RegionTT5BMW 328i163368261
1E1849: Funduro RacingCalifornia - Northern RegionE1Funduro Roadster4613288955
Steven GaffneyCalifornia - Southern RegionSuper Touring 5BMW M366
Steven GaffneyCalifornia - Southern RegionGarageBMW M366
Kevin FryCalifornia - Southern Region944 SpecPorsche 944426863736
Kalem FletcherCalifornia - Southern Region944 SpecPorsche 944811910028
Ryan FlahertyCalifornia - Southern RegionGarageAcura Integra282684181
Tom FernandezCalifornia - Southern RegionTT3BMW M38595899433
Tom FernandezCalifornia - Southern RegionGarageBMW M38595899433
Pete FeldmanCalifornia - Southern RegionSpec E30BMW E3022113669370
Pete FeldmanCalifornia - Southern RegionGarageBMW E3022113669370
Ed FardosCalifornia - Southern RegionSuper Touring 4BMW M31464827327
Ed FardosCalifornia - Southern RegionGarageBMW M31464827327
George EdisonCalifornia - Southern RegionSuper Touring 4BMW M37128789945
George EdisonCalifornia - Southern RegionGarageBMW M37128789945
George EdisonCalifornia - Southern RegionTT4BMW M37128789945
Spencer DouglassCalifornia - Southern RegionGarageMazda Miata127
Sean DouglassCalifornia - Southern RegionSpec MiataMazda Miata127
Keith DeesCalifornia - Southern RegionSuper Touring 5mazda miata7211224615
Marcel DeKerpelCalifornia - Southern RegionGaragehonda civic3715281480
Marcel DeKerpelCalifornia - Southern RegionSuper Touring 4honda civic3715281480
Kenneth De La CruzCalifornia - Southern RegionGarageToyota GR86117
Nicolas De KeijserCalifornia - Northern RegionGarageFunduro Roadster4613288955
Jean-Luc De FantiCalifornia - Southern RegionGarageBMW M31819584992
Robert DavisCalifornia - Southern RegionGarageMazda Miata632300922
Martin DaszkalCalifornia - Southern RegionSuper UnlimitedPorsche GT37725819191
Martin DaszkalCalifornia - Southern RegionGaragePorsche GT37725819191
Juan CruzCalifornia - Southern RegionGarageBMW 3304447720616
Curt CorteCalifornia - Southern RegionTTUBMW M35029202236
KC CookCalifornia - Southern RegionSpec MiataMazda Miata2313254421
Michael ColangeloCalifornia - Southern RegionTT5Honda S20007875156993
Andrew ClarkCalifornia - Southern RegionSpec E30BMW 325i139591235
Richard ChutickCalifornia - Southern RegionGarageBMW M31310341076
Charles BuzzettiCalifornia - Southern Region944 SpecPorsche 924s9869407633
Rob BurgoonCalifornia - Southern RegionSpec MiataMazda Miata919561948
James BrownCalifornia - Southern RegionGarageMazda Miata7877495615
Gian BowlesCalifornia - Southern Region944 SpecPorsche 944851413308
2S2144: Milli RacingCalifornia - Southern RegionTT3Mazda MX5461147608
Jeff BobbittCalifornia - Southern RegionGarageBMW M3974099503
Ryan BittnerCalifornia - Southern RegionGarageBMW 330ci883633221
Ryan BittnerCalifornia - Southern RegionSuper Touring 5BMW 330ci883633221
Ryan BittnerCalifornia - Southern RegionSpec E46BMW 330ci883633221
Randy BeginCalifornia - Southern Region944 SpecPorsche 944774025046
Brett BeckerCalifornia - Southern RegionGarageMazda Miata259263293
Brett BeckerCalifornia - Southern RegionSpec MiataMazda Miata259263293
Grant BarnettCalifornia - Southern RegionGaragePorsche Gt3 Cup Car71012682258
Grant BarnettCalifornia - Southern RegionSuper Touring 1Porsche Gt3 Cup Car71012682258
Grant BarnettCalifornia - Southern RegionTT1Porsche Gt3 Cup Car71012682258
Joshua BarbieriCalifornia - Southern RegionGaragehonda civic si912
Sebastian BaconCalifornia - Southern RegionSpec E30BMW 325is1006953822
1E1865: Team Technik CompetitionMid Atlantic RegionE2BMW E45811901181
Carl AtwoodCalifornia - Southern Region944 SpecPorsche 94474489026
Vicken AtarianCalifornia - Northern RegionGarageford mustang550
Sean AronCalifornia - Southern RegionGarageBMW 325is336249782
Sean AronCalifornia - Southern RegionSpec E30BMW 325is336249782
Joe ArbourCalifornia - Southern RegionGarageChevrolet corvette7173038426
Joe ArbourCalifornia - Southern RegionTT1Chevrolet corvette7173038426
Dwight AndersonCalifornia - Southern RegionGarageBMW 325i251348203
Jarad AndersonCalifornia - Southern Region944 SpecPorsche 94439
Dwight AndersonCalifornia - Southern RegionGarageBMW 325i251348203
Jeff AndersonCalifornia - Southern Region944 SpecPorsche 9441310126742
Jonathan AndersonCalifornia - Southern Region944 SpecPorsche 94499
Uthman Alaoui Ismaili (TMC)California - Southern RegionSpec MiataMazda Miata44416104646
Austin AdzimaCalifornia - Southern RegionSpec MiataMazda Miata137